Pony Stories 746

06 May

Semi-daily posting continues! So, I’ve been thinking about getting back to Minecraft. Even though I’ve lost my built-up world. Well, it’s still on the old computer’s hard drive and I have hope it’ll be recoverable. Probably on my backup external drive too. Hm, I honestly didn’t think about that until now. Anyway, Diablo 3 is finally starting to lose it’s hold on my brain and I want to get back to resource management and exploration. Even found a couple of mods for it that will both work and don’t add too much complexity. Once again, I’m so grateful that the Skyrim and Fallout 4 modding situation is so damn easy. Minecraft mods remind me of the dark old days where modding required a ten-page step-by-step process to get anything to work.

  • Our Illusion by Monochromatic
  • Evil is Easy, Governing is Harder by Aragon

Our Illusion by Monochromatic

Another story about princess Rarity and bodyguard Twilight. Which is a fun little alternate universe. This one is a tiny bit less fluffy than the others, with a bit more sad/melancholy mixed in at the end. Short enough that it really is just a little pinch but gives it a little more weight than the other short stories in this same AU I’ve read.

Evil is Easy, Governing is Harder by Aragon

Been far too long since I’ve read an Aragon story. Always fun. Doesn’t have quite the intense enjoyment I’ve had reading others by him, but still very enjoyable. So I’d rank this as in the middle quality-wise of Aragon’s stories. Which is still dang good by most measurements. He just didn’t quite mix the serious and silly together smoothly. I just had a feeling of thematic/narrative conflict at times. Nothing major but it kept me from getting fully into the story.

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