Samurai Jack

19 May

Almost done with my re-watch of the show Samurai Jack. Once again I’m reminded of just how good it was. It really was a work of art. Sure, not perfect. Often had trouble with human faces not looking quite right. Yet it was such a beautiful show most of the time.

Also realized that it would be as wonderful setting to run a game of D&D or other old-school RPG in. Magic, science fiction tech, a world of darkness and ruin with heroes and little points of light and hope with mystic quests all over the place. Not to mention plenty of weirdness. I’m looking forward to catching up on the new season of the show. I’ve seen the first few episodes of it, but wanted to finish watching the original four seasons before I got really into it. Not to mention it was kind of dark and I wasn’t sure if it had remembered the lightness and humor of the original. However, I caught a spoiler that it gets better so I’m once again looking forward to it.


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Posted by on May 19, 2017 in Dungeons & Dragons


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