Pony Stories 749

20 May

I decided to read Life and Times of a Winning Pony again, since I had the nice new hardback version. I must admit that the story has grown on me. I enjoyed it more this time than I remember how I reacted the first time I read it. I mean I got it not because it’s one of my favorites, but because I consider it the best example of fan fiction and source material overlapping. Plus it is decently written quality-wise. Just not one of my favorites. I like the Freeport stories the author does more. Still, I’m glad I got it and read it again. I find it interesting to see how my reactions to things changes over time and experience. I’m tempted to go back in the blog archives to see what I wrote down about the story the first time I went through it.

  • The Commander’s Shilling by Carabas
  • Jugemu by PresentPerfect

The Commander’s Shilling by Carabas

This author doesn’t write enough. That doesn’t really have anything to do with the story or anything, just what I think about whenever I get reminded of the author. This story brought up my semi-regular thoughts about the founders of Equestria. The only info we have on them is the play that the mane six starred in. Which means our view of them are very much shaded with their personalities. Since we don’t know if that is what they actually were like, artistic license for the play, or just the show doing narrative focus on the mane six being themselves, but in the past. This story goes the route that the founders were basically the mane six characters who played them. Not exactly, but Hurricane and Pansy are very close to Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy in personality. There isn’t much to the story. Just the two meeting and a bit of nice world-building that the author is so good at sprinkled in.

Jugemu by PresentPerfect

This was very silly. I’m not even sure I can describe it in a way that doesn’t just suck the sillyness out of it, and by proxy any humor you might find in reading it. I’d recommend give it a try when you want something short, fluffy, and silly.

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  1. Present Perfect

    May 20, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    YAY 8V


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