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04 Jun

So, in the last few days I went out to see Wonder Woman and watched John Wick chapter 2 at home.

Short version, both were good but not great. Worth seeing.

Long version! John Wick 2 first. It had lots of the same nicely done action of the first John Wick movie. So if you liked the action, you’ll like this one. That was pretty much it though. The first one had actual story, a revenge plot and actual emotions and reasons behind people doing what they did. The second one doesn’t have that. It’s pretty much just a bunch of action scenes. Exciting well done action scenes, but as much as I enjoyed them after the movie was done I felt kinda… empty? So worth watching if you liked the first, but I doubt I will ever watch it again. When I want that sort of action movie fix I’ll rewatch the first one for the third or fourth time.

Wonder Woman was pretty good. I hate the washed out grimy looks like they put a dirty pair of sunglasses on the camera look. Movies need color, dangit. Even for the dirty action scenes at night. I had nitpicks here and there about other things. As I mentioned to my mom (whom I saw the movie with) the movie averages out to good. Lots of things I loved, lots of things I didn’t like. It did have the entire theater cheering and laughing at particular scenes, so can’t say it was a bad movie. Plus my mom loved it. Plus I think I might be up for seeing it again a year or two down the line. Not great, but worth a watch and seeing it on the big screen is worth it for the big action bits.

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