Pony Stories 757

26 Jun

Ponies in large airplanes! No, wait, ponies work better in proper fantasy airships. Today’s intro will be short and merely be me showing off my Dungeons & Dragons campaign site. I was using the site Obsidian Portal before, but it was just too annoying so I decided to just use another wordpress blog because it makes actually pretty good info site and/or wiki. Check out to see what I’ve got in place so far if you like random Dungeons & Dragons worldbuilding that is all text with no pictures.

Of course, more review-ish things below the break.

  • Dense as Diamonds by River Road
  • This is a Story You Will Never Read by Cynewulf

Dense as Diamonds by River Road

I actually read this one just last night, so it’s fresh in my memory. Not that there was a whole lot that impressed me. This is another functional shipping story. It had some good bits and I liked the basic premise. It just seemed a bit rushed. This was a long-form summary of a courtship and romance, not the romance story itself. Still, recommended if you like the pair, but you can skip it if you don’t. I did enjoy the idea that Rarity was the oblivious one between the two.

This is a Story You Will Never Read by Cynewulf

This is a hard one to comment on because it’s not really a story. It’s is just Twilight Sparkle’s internal monologue as she sits in a coffee shop and people-watches and jots down a little story base on somepony she sees. It’s not bad, and works a bit like a character study, but there isn’t much there to really sink your teeth into. I’d file this under ‘worth a read, you might really like it, but don’t go in with high expectations’.

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