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01 Jul

I asked over on FimFiction, but figure I’d echo it here. Anyone out there going to the big gaming convention Gen Con this year? There is a gaming book I really, really want that will only be available there and I will go over there myself and get a Thursday badge for it, but would be easier and cheaper to work out some kind of deal.

In other news, the Dungeons & Dragons book I ordered a month ago finally arrived. Veins of the Earth, and even at just a glance it is awesome. Mostly what I expected from the few glimpses but there is so much more to read. It’s more than an inch thick. My online D&D campaign just got so much more interesting.

Now, for ponywords-words:

  • Harmony Among The Stars by tom117z
  • Buggy Vanity by Rambling Writer

Harmony Among The Stars by tom117z

Not enough space/scifi pony fan fiction. Spaceships, exploration, and magical ponies is still my second favorite mix of stuff in the pony fiction world. The first being epic fantasy worldbuilding slice of life. Anyway, this isn’t perfect. I noticed several typos and it doesn’t have the density or depth I prefer. Yet I still enjoyed it. If you need more scifi space ponies in your life, this is a story to read. Just be forgiving of the technical errors.

Buggy Vanity by Rambling Writer

Short, simple, amusing. This is literally just a brief scene where three newly colored Changelings talk about how they like or don’t like the new brightly colored family-friendly forms.

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Posted by on July 1, 2017 in Ponies, Reading 2017, Reviews


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