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03 Jul

I finally got my copy of Veins of the Earth. which is a awesome as fuck Dungeons & Dragons book by this guy which includes a lot of stuff I love on his blog but also a whole lot of other stuff. If you like this (atomic bees) or this (drow hate) then you will enjoy this book since it’s almost 400 pages of that stuff. It’s slightly smaller than a typical hardback book and over an inch (maybe two?) thick and there is barely any white space at all. Which usually bothers me but it really works for this one. Was it worth the price? Eeh… With shipping from Finland it came out to 80 bucks, so not quite. If I got it at a local store for 50 bucks? Very much would be worth it. I certainly don’t regret I had to pay so much for it and would recommend anyone with the money who likes D&D should buy one.

Now, ponywords:

  • Teatime – A Novel Of Twilight & Celestia by bigbear
  • Auk-ward… by Estee

Teatime – A Novel Of Twilight & Celestia by bigbear

This is a romance involving Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia. Quite well done, but nothing that would convince someone who doesn’t like that pair. Was nice to read a longer story since I’ve been settling for shorter stuff recently. Anyway, like several other people I do make the distinction between a proper romance and ‘just shipping’ for stories. This one is very much a proper romance. I enjoyed that the reader could see little clues that Twilight was becoming attracted to Celestia long before she noticed and everything flowed quite nicely from moment to moment. It also was a nice example of what I think the best slice of life is, even though it actually involved Twilight dealing with Celestia’s duties for a day. There was plenty of things happening, but absolutely no tension. Twilight doesn’t have to deal with any important kingdom-shattering situations. It was just the usual routine that was interesting because it was new to her (and somewhat to the reader) yet it never felt empty or shallow. Slice of life shouldn’t mean nothing happens, it should be that there isn’t any real tension or stakes in what is happening.

Auk-ward… by Estee

Not really a full story. Just a set of scenes and a bit of character study of both Applejack and Fluttershy in little snapshots. Plus more of a look at Fluttershy’s special talent. I enjoyed it, but I enjoy most of Estee’s stories.

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