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04 Jul

Another thing that popped into my head during my re-watch of the previous season of My Little Pony that Fluttershy’s talent to talk with animals must be either unique or extremely rare. There are several times over the course of the whole series when the day is saved because she got the real story of what is happening from the animals. Including at least one instance where the people involved would certainly not have been so casual in front of animals if ponies that could talk to animals were even just uncommon.

  • Hear the Baby Laughing by Aragon
  • The Color of the Stars by Cold in Gardez

Hear the Baby Laughing by Aragon

This was a bit on the odd side. More in the vein of Born On A Rock Farm than the author’s comedies. There is story, narrative, meta-narrative, and I suspect a meta-meta-narrative going on in this one. The quote-unquote story is really only about a third of the actual volume of the words on the page. Or… Depending on what you think the story is, could be more than that. I’m not sure if it’s as deep as I think it is, but it’s certainly not shallow. Maybe a bit pretentious but it doesn’t feel very much like that. Much like Born On A Rock Farm, I don’t think I could recommend this as a story, but you should absolutely read it.

The Color of the Stars by Cold in Gardez

Huh. I don’t think I liked this one. I mean, it was good and all. I really did enjoy Starlight Glimmer here, but overall… Just kind of evaporated from my brain after reading it. Nothing stuck and nothing really hit anything interesting in my brain. You can never go wrong with spending a bit of time with a CiG story, but this is not one of his better works in my opinion. Still, I did really like this version of Starlight Glimmer. Worth it just for her.

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