Pony Stories 773

19 Jul

I’ve been playing Portal 2 lately, and I’ve come to the conculsion it’s kind of a bad game. I mean the puzzles are neat some of the time, and the dialogue is very funny (in a dark humor way) almost all the time, but the entire middle of the game (the underground bits) are just kind of terrible. I’m still going to get all the way to the end (now that I’m out of the middle section) but it should have been half of the length it is.

  • The Commander’s Compromise by kudzuhaiku
  • Morning Surprise by Majin Syeekoh

The Commander’s Compromise by kudzuhaiku
Another story by the author that is decent-to-good, but makes me feel like I’m missing something. I’ve started The Weed, so hopefully that will fill in at least some of the blanks, but it’s still not a good thing. Shining Armor is nearly unrecognizable. The author has the whole stern detached leader thing going on. Which isn’t bad, just pretty much on the far other side of things from the show and most fan fiction depictions of him. Was quite jarring. The show is light and fluffy, the author writes dramatic but low-key slice of life fantasy (genre), and the world in the stories seems to bounce between epic fantasy and dark fantasy. So… I find it causes quite a bit disconnect when I’m reading his stuff.

Morning Surprise by Majin Syeekoh
Amusing in the same vein as the story it is a sequel to. Princess Cadance’s arrival was the best part. In a silly out of nowhere joke sort of fashion.

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