Pony Stories 774

24 Jul

Just got back from seeing Valerian: The City of Planets. A movie that averages out to solid decent, worth watching. Visually impressive. Lots of cool ideas and scenes. Kind of terrible writing. The movie I want to compare it to is Avatar (blue people). Only this had interesting stuff in it and even some moral complexity. Plus a dramatic scene where a technician minor character saves the day! It also felt like it was missing a lot of context, so as an adaption it was only semi-successful. I’d love to read the original comics so it was successful in that part. It’s just that I got the feeling that I had to read the source material to get like half of what was going on.

  • Simple Gestures by Jupiter VII
  • Important Wizard by All Art Is Quite Useless

Simple Gestures by Jupiter VII

This one felt incomplete. Not sure what else to say, since it was incredible short and had no actual context for the scene that is the entire text.

Important Wizard by All Art Is Quite Useless

The moral of the story is that the crystal ponies need wildly exaggerated blind hero worship to feel better about themselves after Sombra. Princess Cadance said so. Sunburst should feel proud about the terribly false stories about him instead of being both offended and emotionally distressed about things. I was not a fan of this one, on a non-technical level.

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Posted by on July 24, 2017 in Ponies, Reading 2017, Reviews


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