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30 Jul

So, besides the one disasterous mission, the fight against the aliens in XCOM2 goes decently well. A few causalities here and there. The latest being the hero Jame Tames. Unlike some deaths that were due to commander error (sorry!) he died valiantly trying to kill a alien that was controlling a zombie. Otherwise, I think Silver “Journal” Glow is becoming my current favorite. She likes to find the highest spot and just take pot shots at bad guys. Named her gun “Unicorn” and when asked she tells people that it’s because her sniper rifle is long, pointy, powerful, and only useful when someone can point it’s destructive abilities in a safe direction. As for Cold In Gardez, with the abilities I picked there is a good chance he’ll be able to take the full charge of a berserker and just stab it in the head with a knife to kill it and keep fighting.

  • The Game by Jay-The-Brony
  • Spark Visions of Twilight by Tangerine Blast

The Game by Jay-The-Brony
Someone invites Applejack over to play video games. It’s a game Applejack doesn’t know very well. Applejack loses. The end. That’s it. It’s… Barely a scene, more like half a scene. Decent enough I guess, though could use a bit of edit’n’polish in places. Not a waste of time to read but I was not impressed.

Spark Visions of Twilight by Tangerine Blast
I liked this one quite a bit. A very nice alternate history look at present day Equestria. A look at how things might have turned out just a bit differently, but all the ponies are recognizable and true to their basic natures. Long enough to really build up, but short enough that it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. Though I would have liked some kind of brief epilogue.

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