Bronycon Sunday

13 Aug

So, didn’t get enough posts written ahead of time to cover the whole weekend. So writing this up Saturday afternoon at the con when I should probably be socializing.

But now, today’s puzzle. Getting old. I know most of the frustrations and what to expect as my body and mind break down faster than commercial-grade cybernetics are developed. So… I got to ask. Is it normal to run into people that look and act almost exactly like friends I had in had in high school? Because there has been two or three people here at the con that are kinda freaking me out. Maijin Seeykoh, for example, is almost identical to a friend from high school and later. It is very surreal.

Favorite quote of the weekend: The pre-readers are not some shadow cabal. (…) You should comply with their desires.

As for the one who said that, I was having fun at the expense of the English language, not you. Language is silly.

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Posted by on August 13, 2017 in Bronycon


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