Oct 5 Sentence

05 Oct

Whoops, missed one day. Oh well. The march of time toward oblivion continues.

Every vampire struggled with the urge to drain their victim dry. The last taste of a dying person’s blood is the sweetest.  What the younger vampires don’t understand is that the reason to avoid it has nothing to do with waste, or morality, but cold hard survival. The death of a sapient creature disrupted the fabric of reality in ways that attracted the attention of larger predators in the darkness behind the world. The mages that watch over humanity, the shadows that lurk inside dreams that can escape in the moments of death, and much worse. Young vampires are too drunk with the power they have compared to the humans to fully realize that vampires are very low in the natural order of things in the big picture.

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Posted by on October 5, 2017 in My Writing


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