Pony Stories 821

10 Nov

Last night (as of writing this intro anyway) I had a fairly complex and involved dream that was Adagio and Shining Armor falling in love… and apparently Adagio was ex-queen of the Changelings? Changing perspectives and… at one one I think there was a standard fantasy novel quest?  Was pretty neat, actually. I have no idea where it came from.

  • The Skyla Pseudonym by iisaw

The Skyla Pseudonym by iisaw

I actually finished this story weeks ago. Just been putting off writing up the actual review of it because… Well, it was a good story that I was fairly lukewarm about. The author has managed to one again write a decently good story that feels like just a distraction from another even better story. This was the case with Twilight Enigma as well. The story here was good, has some cool concepts, but at no point did I feel like there was any tension at all. Twilight as almost jaded experienced adventurer just kinda… sucked the fun out of it for me? New unknown world, untrained crew, local civilization based on oppressing unicorns… and Twilight just kind of meets it all with a ‘by the numbers’ approach to solving the problem. They story I really wanted was some of Twilight and Ao on their earlier adventures where they build up that bond and have all those experiences.

I’m actually thinking about reading it again just to see if a second reading endears the story to me more. So…. Kind of trivial complaints really. If you liked Twilight Enigma you’ll like this one. The author is still good at writing adventure stories. Just… The worldbuilding background stuff continues to be the most interesting parts of the stories he writes.

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