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06 Mar

I’ve gotten a few book recommendations from people I hang out with online. Well, chatroom stalk really. Anyway! Exact definition doesn’t matter. Grabbed the free samples from Amazon ebooks and had a somewhat interesting experience. I didn’t actually look at the story descriptions or even get them from the people who recommended them. It was just a ‘I liked this’ and the title/author. So I read the sample of one of them and… I have no idea what the story is about. Got a good introduction to two characters, the places and situations they start in. No clue as to what the plot is going to be. Seems to be fantasy-novel type world but I have no clue if there is any magic or fantastical elements whatsoever. It is the most blind I’ve ever gone into a story/book. I don’t even know what the cover looks like. Which is actual information since I’m pretty good at deducing basic story feel from what gets put on the cover. I’m torn between at least reading the story blurb so I know the basic plot and if there is magic/fantastical stuff, or just getting the full thing and diving in for the sheer novelty of knowing nothing at all except what the text itself gives me.

  • Smolder by Merc the Jerk
  • Midnight’s Shadow: Succession Crisis by Ponibius
  • Midnight’s Shadow by Ponibius

Smolder by Merc the Jerk

This was a quick and good read. It is barely a single scene though. It’s a very brief epilogue to something else. In feel I mean. Once again, as often with this author, I’d also say that this is not pony fan fiction. Uses the same names as the characters in Laughing Shadow, which means that only one or two of the mane six use their show names.

Midnight’s Shadow: Succession Crisis by Ponibius

I’m sorry, you’ll never convince me to change my mind on this issue. Pony world fae should be deer. Quadruped forest spirits. This author does not agree. Their fae is just sort of an almost pony with non-pony features that get more or less noticeable with the fae’s emotions. Other that that completely (completely!) objected flaw, this wasn’t a bad story. I have a few nitpicks about character actions and/or motivations. Nothing huge. The story is functional and enjoyable. Just didn’t feel much like pony. Same problems I had with Lunar Rebellion and the previous Midnight’s Shadow story. With some minor to moderate adjustments this would have made a good original fantasy series. Not as big a disconnect as say Merc the Jerk’s stories. Midnight’s Shadow does keep closer to it’s pony roots. A lot of it is just feel. Like… I just can’t see ponies using daggers all that much. Anyway, if you liked the previous Midnight’s Shadow you would like this. If you didn’t, you probably won’t. Though I suppose there isn’t much direct connection between the two. You could read this one first if you wanted.

Midnight’s Shadow by Ponibius

Apparently I didn’t actually write down my thoughts about this one! Which is a pity because I don’t remember much detail about it. Enjoyed it. As mentioned above about the sequel, had trouble connecting it to pony at times. The characters are all interesting, though. So was an improvement over Lunar Rebellion. Given that Midnight Sparkle was my favorite part of Lunar Rebellion I suppose it’s not a surprise that I enjoyed this story more than that. Just not by a huge degree. It’s a good fantasy story.


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