Pony Stories 896

12 Oct

I might actually hit Pony Stories 1k if I manage to continue actually posting! Not likely, but possible. Now for three short review-like pieces of content that I will write down literally right after reading the stories in question.

The First Flame by Rune Soldier Dan

A good entry into the category of Celestia-As-Goddess. An interesting setup, even if there is one little annoyance in how the first chapter ends. Plus I like it when the bad guy realizes just how wrong and outmatched they are, and this story doesn’t have that. Very much worth a read.

The G-Word by The Magic Hobo

Twilight asks Celestia if she is a god. Princess Celestia gives a warm rambling answer. I liked it. Fits with my mental picture of Princess Celestia’s personality very well. Even if my personal opinion is that Celestia is a god, at least in the flavor of non-creation-myth deity.

Am I a Political Pawn? by Bonster

Not a story, really. Just a wandering exploration of what could be undercurrents of the six non-pony members of Twilight’s school. Was pretty neat. Maybe a bit dry? This would actually work really well actually animated. Body language and a visual component would alleviate that dryness. Still, I enjoyed reading it. Though I doubt I will read it ever again or even remember it much down the line.

Oh, huh. I just realized I do believe this is the first story about the school I’ve read. The most recent season of pony happened while I wasn’t reading much after all. Weird.

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Posted by on October 12, 2018 in Ponies, Reading 2018, Reviews


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