2019 begins!

05 Jan

(Whoops, thought I posted this like three days ago. Forgot to actually make sure it went up.)

Though, technically, I’m writing this after midnight so it’s the 2nd. First day of this year felt a lot like last day of last year. Almost as if the whole concept of sharp divisions in time is a social construct!

Two examples of perception I’ve been thinking about lately. One pony-adjacent and one not. The first is that I recently re-read Crystal’s Wishes by Crystal Wishes. A story I really didn’t care for the first time I read it and softened on it over time. I also read about half of the companion story Memoirs of a Royal Guard by Anzel. What makes this particular time through them interesting is that the author Crystal Wishes is someone who frequents the Discord server (chat room) I hang out in. So I’ve gotten to know them a bit. Heck, even (briefly) met them at last year’s Bronycon. So the first read of the story was with the author being an utter unknown, then my dislike for the story softened to acceptance that it just isn’t for me as I heard about the author from other people (the author is just a really nice person), and this re-read I could see so much of the author themselves showing through the work and it was actually enjoyable. Whereas the companion story, of which I don’t know that author very well at all, was about the same as before. Which is why I didn’t finish it this time.

So it was an interesting experience of how perception can affect, well, perception. A story I didn’t like turning into a story I actually enjoyed. Not because I changed much except for knowing the author better. It wouldn’t work for a lot of stories. Mostly works this time because so much of the author themselves is in the work.

Now for the second completely unrelated incident. The song K/DA – POP/STARS which is a song sung by a semi-fake korean pop quartet of characters from the video game League of Legends. Which is a interesting thing to examine just by itself as a weird/cool meta cross-event between life and video games, but only rambling about a specific aspect about it. The fact that the song is sung in both English and (I believe) Korean, switching between the two fluidly through the entire song. Which I didn’t even realize until I switched the subtitles on for it on youtube. I honestly thought it was just slurred or I just wasn’t making out the words. Even knowing that I have a hard time separating those parts of the song as a different language.

I suspect it’s because the two different languages are both sung by the four singers in the exact same tone/cadence. I watch a decent amount of anime (okay, probably more than a decent amount) so I’m not exactly a stranger to hearing other languages, but most of the time a different language is spoken in a very different fashion. As it should, in a different culture and context and all that. I can’t help but be curious if a native Korean speaker has a similar reaction to the English parts of the song, or if it’s even weirder because the general tone/cadence is more American than Korean.

In any case, I do like the song and visually it’s a work of art. Computer animation has gotten so freaking impressive since the old days of my youth.

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One response to “2019 begins!

  1. Present Perfect

    January 5, 2019 at 7:48 am

    Yeah, the song’s partly in Korean. 🙂 I was just listening to it yesterday. I’ve always loved the concept of ‘fake’ bands that release real music, so it’s right up my alley, even though I really know nothing about League. Plus, the music video is amazing.


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