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Pony Stories 792

Anyone out there use FanFicFare to download ponyfic for ebook purposes? Or more specifically, anybody know more than download and click the button for using it? The formatting for a few things gets wonky. Nothing that ruins the reading experience, but certainly is annoying.

  • Queen Chrysalis Loves Tea by Zephyrus Scary
  • Comma Comma by Soufriere
  • The Sphinx’s Riddle by Monochromatic
  • Carrot and Stick by Tumbleweed

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Pony Stories 791

Two small things. One silly and one old. The old is that doing a search for ‘my little pony fan fiction reviews’ on Google got some interesting results. One of which was this old reddit thread. I ultimately decided against adding it to the BMRL list but figured I’d toss it out here for those that might be interested. Once again got me thinking about making a pony fan fiction primer for people that just got into reading pony fanfics. Now for the silly bit. So…  I’ve got this very bizarre headcanon. It has absolutely no support from canon and I honestly can’t put my finger on when (or why) it got into my head. At this point I can’t get rid of it. So here’s it is: Device Heretic and Ghost Of Heraclitus are actually the same person.

  • You Can’t Have Everything Your Way by Xepher
  • Heavy Rock by CoffeeMinion
  • Dragons Cannot Live On Hot-Chocolate Alone by B_25

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Titles you should not use

Since my last declaration about this over on FimFic apparently got people’s attention to a degree my previous commandments did not, I thought I’d put a full list up.

These are titles that you should not use for your pony fan fiction:

  • Happily Ever After (5 stories exact, 2 other minor variations)
  • Family Matters (4 stories)
  • Silence (4 stories)

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Pony Stories 790

Work on the BMRL continues! Got all of PaulAsaran’s reviews up there as far as I can tell. All the ones I had bookmarked anyway. Working on mostly Titanium Dragon stuff now. Then, I think, comes Matthewl419’s stuff. That should take care of all the Fimfiction posts. After that I dive into One Man’s Pony Ramblings backlog.

  • The Iron Horse: Everything’s Better With Robots! by The Hat Man
  • The Enchanted Library by Monochromatic

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Pony Stories 789

Oh hey, I did prepare a post and just didn’t schedule it. The eclipse was pretty good. We only got like 60-70% (I forget the exact percentage) coverage but it was still pretty cool. Also, I just realized that the dream I had last night involved Aragon being independently wealthy. Like, he owned an entire convention center and lived in the secret base under it. Also apparently he lived in the USA which I found odd even in the dream.

Dreams are weird.

  • The Prisoner of Zebra by Tumbleweed
  • The Shadow of a Doubt by Ardensfax
  • Shining’s Ultimate Test. by Night–Mist
  • Pony Projectiles by ayh

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