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Story fragment

Twilight wiggled a bit in the gooey green slime she was trapped on. Not that she had a plan even if she did break free. Her wings certainly wouldn’t be any good covered in the goop and she was stuck upside down on the ceiling with only her head uncovered. She looked down at the Changeling with a slight yellow tint to its dark carapace.

“I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I’ve got an answer.” Twilight said in a reasonable tone of voice. “Yes. Yes it does matter.”

Hee. Just popped into my head. Anyway, today I want to ramble about the season ender. Spoilers ahead. Minor ones. You should go see the episodes if you haven’t anyway.

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Pony Mini-fic

Because it popped into my head and I had to write it down.


Iron Hoof was the greatest conqueror to ever live. No army could stop him. No kingdom could resist his advance. Until Equestria. Until he found one pony who had prepared his entire life to resist the Iron Hoof.

…though, to be fair, that one pony had been expecting the iron hoof in question to be more metaphorical. However he wouldn’t let it stop him from doing his duty.

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Magic system

So, actually having a gaming group has me thinking about Dungeons and Dragons type stuff once again. The fact that I’ve volunteered to run something has me working on what exactly I will be running. Not the adventure, but the system and the general setting. I’m thinking to run Spelljammer. D&D in Spaaaace! I still have all the cool ideas from the last time I ran Spelljammer. Which was… Jeeze, almost a decade ago at this point? It’s been much too long since I’ve run a game. Stupid social glitches in my brain. So I start to look through my gathered collection of roleplaying books and advice and internet bookmarks. Which get my brain up and running in a way that I haven’t enjoyed in far too long. Which is nice.

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Post-apocalyptic fantasy rambles

Three of my personal written fictional worlds are post-apocalyptic fantasy of various flavors. One I used for a short story I’ve published and another is currently in production to be published as another short story, and the third is one I’ve written some stories in, but mostly use as a theoretical setting for tabletop roleplaying games.

Now, I do enjoy post-apocalyptic settings as a general rule. At least certain ones. In general I prefer fantasy leaning ones. The most recent Mad Max movie was cool, but I wouldn’t want to watch a whole bunch of movies in the same vein. The Fallout games are cool, but they certainly fall into the category of ‘magic’ given how fast and loose they play with reality (especially radiation).

The reason I like straight up high-fantasy post-apocalyptic situations is that when you add magic into the mix you can break so much more. In more realistic disasters you can see how the characters handle adversity and the collapse of civilization, but things on a fundamental level are still the same. When you add magic in, you can actually start messing with the laws of physics themselves. Which I do in all three worlds to different degrees.

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I’ve actually gotten motivated enough to do a bit of writing related work! Woo! Nothing major, but did a bit of work collecting my notes and written scenes for the second chapter of my second pony fanfic. Ponyville Chess Club and Mail Swap, for those who might be interested. Very much slice of life with some amusing dialogue (or so I hope), but certainly not my best work. Was very much a ‘publish now or it sits forever at the bottom of a pile’ situation.

Anyway! That wasn’t what I wanted to talk about with this intro ramble. One of my brief margin notes was about pony chess sets. I figured that the setup would be two alicorns for the king/queen, with the three supporting pieces to each side would be Pegasus, Unicorn, Earth Pony. For the knight, bishop, and rook respectively. Each very much a noticeable ideal/example of each tribe of pony. While the pawns would be more generic ponies, often either a tribe the craftsman liked or didn’t like. Noble soldiers or expendable pawns sort of deal. Modern Equestrian boards would have royal guards for pawns.

Just did a update to the big master review list. I’ve been doing one or two review links in another spreadsheet for a while and after a whole bunch of them I decided it was time to copy them over and clean up all the duplicates. Which lead to me realizing that the numbers I got rid of for efficiency reasons were how I planned to handle all the upkeep. Whoops. So reverted back to them. Pretty sure the sheet was a bit faster without them all. So the other pages with all the fancy stats will stay away for now.

The ‘e’ key on my keyboard is sticking. Which makes typing presentperfect kind of annoying. Also, the story S̼̹̫̟͇̱͖͌ͩ̇̅͐̕h̸̬͚̗̿u͓͖̮͐̉̅ͧͪ͟b̰͡-̡̣̈́̈͂C̺̜ͥ̉ͮ̇͡a̱̾ͩ̒ͧ̚͠d͔͕̣̙͗͒̊̎̍ͬ̕u͙̻̪̤̰͖͗͆ͧͤ̕r̴̥̤̩̺̹͍̂͒ͩ̈̒̇̚ͅa̺̳̖̥̦̱͚͐t͍̻̼ͧ̀ͅh̬̭̪͍͙̞̜ͯ̈ͧ̋ͦ̀ looks like a screen glitch when there is a duplicate so the title appears twice on the list.


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