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Quick writing post

I finally got finished with typing up my Sunset & Fluttershy fan fiction I wrote down end of last year and beginning of this year. It was very nice to go back through it and find a lot of good stuff. It wasn’t all dumpster fire crud after all!

57 scenes
93,759 words

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A Perfect City

I’ve had this idea in my head pretty much since I first found out other people were doing Lost Cities style stories. I just never really came up with a good way to express the idea, so just let it roll around in my head. However! It’s nearly 4am, I got like four hours of sleep and the part of my brain that is overly critical of my creative output is missing. So you get the half-ass effort just so I can share the idea with other people.

There is a perfect city. Built by hundreds of people spent their lives on a single building. Seen my thousands of people who only glimpsed portions of it. All who did the smallest piece of work in the perfect city would become famous, even if nobody knew the specific work they did.

There is a perfect city. Mixed in with less perfect buildings, less perfect streets. The perfect city exists as shards of itself across thousands of other cities.

There is a perfect city. The only place that it can be found is the pages of the archecture section of the Canterlot Public Library. A page here. A chapter there. Spread across history and the minds of hundreds of archetects and left unbuilt because nobody knows it exists.

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New year feels a lot like the last year. Though I suppose that’s because I haven’t actually slept yet. Here’s hoping this year is better than last year. Which had some neat bits to it. Started writing again, which was nice. Got to Bronycon and met some people. Didn’t get as social as I wanted, and I still feel bad that I accidentally brushed off Bookplayer when she tried to start up a conversation, but overall it was a really nice experience. Pretty much hoping I’ll go again this year. Since the odds of me going to the cool kids convention over in Germany on the same weekend is pretty dang low.

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Almost next year, but not quite!

So, I think I’m gonna have about 50,000 words written in the month of December. Which is pretty neat. Still all in that mess of a slice of life shipping (with a tiny bit of adventure) ponyfic-shaped pile of words. Sunset/Fluttershy, Spike/Rarity/Applejack, Twilight/Sunburst. Dash/sirens. A few neat ideas mixed in. I think my favorite was that I made human-world Spike a person, instead of a dog. I went with the idea that the events of Friendship Games, instead of making him a dog who could talk, gave him some dragon abilities. Strength, toughness, the ability to breathe fire. Along with a good dose of greed and aggression he has to keep under control. I also had some neat ideas about human-world version of the Nightmare Moon incident. Going with a semi-serious one for the actual writing but I just today thought of a great comedic one. Luna and Celestia were opposite sides in a big LARP event. Luna lost, and due to a bet the sisters had going, Luna was forced to speak terrible ‘ye old english’ for a year. All thous and thees.

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Writing continues

So, still chugging along with my pony writing practice project. Where I managed, completely unintentionally and more or less at random, set up a situation where everyone in humanland that got touched by the elements of harmony magic is in relationships with one or more of each other. Guess I was channeling that one chapter of The Combinatorics Project where the elements of harmony nudge the mane six into romantic couples. Well, I suppose Spike is the outlier since he wasn’t touched by the rainbow magic, though I did make him an actual person and not a small yappy dog.

Weird that it came about because of me: “I should hook Rainbow Dash with someone since she’s the only one besides Pinkie I haven’t attached to anyone. Hey, I should hook her up with the Sirens.” Then bam, surprising thematic/narrative consistency out of nowhere.

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