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Traditional Unicorn architecture involves a front door several feet above the ground. In the olden days it was so that Unicorns could look down on anyone that came to visit them and make sure that teleportation was the only dignified way to enter a house. In the modern days Canterlot building codes require a set of stairs if the doorway is raised up. Many Unicorn nobles still take advantage of the height advantage to look down on anyone who comes to their door.

Princess Celestia, who could rant for hours and hours about stupid Unicorn traditions, actually liked this particular one. It meant that she didn’t have to hurt her neck looking down whenever she visited those houses. It put her more or less at eye-level with the ponies she talked to. At least until she was invited into the building for tea. It was always tea. Never coffee. Never ice tea. Never cookies. Always tea. Never even cake! Ponies even knew she liked cake. But no, always tea.

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Filler post

Because I do want to post *something* every day. But I’ve been away from home most of the day, it’s bedtime, and I don’t feel like staying up to slap together a review post. So I’m just calling this good enough because while I was out I managed to write eight or nine pages. Half for a vampire story that won’t leave my head. The other half was a pony story concept of points of view of the different tribes based on their magical senses. So, that was awesome since it’s the first time I’ve done writing outside of blog intros in like a year, maybe two? Which is nice.

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Oct 5 Sentence

Whoops, missed one day. Oh well. The march of time toward oblivion continues.

Every vampire struggled with the urge to drain their victim dry. The last taste of a dying person’s blood is the sweetest.  What the younger vampires don’t understand is that the reason to avoid it has nothing to do with waste, or morality, but cold hard survival. The death of a sapient creature disrupted the fabric of reality in ways that attracted the attention of larger predators in the darkness behind the world. The mages that watch over humanity, the shadows that lurk inside dreams that can escape in the moments of death, and much worse. Young vampires are too drunk with the power they have compared to the humans to fully realize that vampires are very low in the natural order of things in the big picture.

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Oct 3 Sentence

Yep, I’m typing these late at night so they show up on the wrong date. Oh well. Traveling musician rules say the day ends when I go to bed. Haven’t gone to bed yet so it’s still Tuesday. Wait… Tuesday sucked. I might have to re-think this.

Really, the extinction of humanity was it’s own dang fault. Who goes to a abandoned space station around an obviously sterilized by weapon fire dead planet, ignores the signs of major damage both inside and out of the station, barely investigates the broken robots and dead bodies of a half-dozen unknown alien races all over the place, then turns the whole genocidal omni-powerful AI back on just to see if it’s still working?

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Oct 2 sentence

The most frustrating part of Princess Luna’s insomnia wasn’t the lack of sleep, or even the headache at dealing with the bright morning sunlight. It was having to deal with the bright and cheery Princess Celestia all morning with a brain doing it’s best impression of a puddle in her skull. Her sister was just so happy whenever they got to spend more than a brief breakfast with each other Luna couldn’t even complain all that much.

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