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A Wrinkle in Time

Hi there! In the Discord chat I spend most of my time in there has been an interesting experience where a good amount of the people present changed their user names to their real names. Been interesting. Some people get weirder out. Others felt that being completely themselves meant they were more boring. My only reaction to my own is that it’s weird seeing my own name when I post things. Plus it makes it even harder for me to keep track of who is who.

Warning: Spoilers both major and minor for both book and movie ahead.

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Pony Stories 818

So, this youtube clip from the movie is Tempest’s big song number. So, spoilers. Also the best musical bit in the movie my opinion. Anyway! I realized it’s the perfect example of how the animation bothers me. Tempest is a pony with a snout and chin. Whereas Twilight is basically just a human face with a slightly square nose. I much prefer my ponies to be, well, ponies.

  • Voices Lost by DwarvishPony
  • The Bet by Paradigm Shift

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Pony Stories 816

Yep, another intro bit about the movie. Without spoilers. The music was pretty good. I intend to get several songs off the soundtrack. I really did like Tempest’s song number. Both the audio and visuals in the movie itself.

  • Daring Do and the Incomparable Incompetaur by Twinkletail
  • Starlight Gets Shipped by Jay David
  • My Night with Starlight by No Raisin

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Pony Stories 815

So, more about the movie. Slight spoilers ahead, but nothing major. Airship pirates are now canon. On the other hand it did not have a single swashbuckling airship-to-airship action scene. I also love the fact that the palace throne room apparently has an alicorn magic draining device/spell/etc built into the floor. Like, it didn’t look like something Tempest built for the occasion. Though I have to wonder if the staff was just any old staff, one she made to take advantage of a magic-regulating device, or it it was something crafted for it that she found somewhere. Also, I’m pretty sure Tempest joined the big bad when she was a foal. It’s the only explanation for why she thought he could fix her horn.

  • Fifty Shades Of Toast by Estee
  • Being Special by Taranth

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Pony Stories 814

Saw the movie. I understand why people didn’t like it, but both me and my mom enjoyed it. Was it pony? Eh, mostly? The animation took getting used to, but once I got past the non-show animation it looked pretty nice. Except for that it went the way of less pony faces and more expression human-ish ones that the show has drifted toward that I don’t like. Was more or less generic fantasy plot. Which I don’t mind if it’s pulled off at least competently. Lots of nitpicks but the core movie was fine. One non-spoiler about the movie. It gave me more evidence that Sapphire Shores is stable and secure at the #2 popular char position while star after star hits the #1 spot and then burns out.

The movie really did feel like something from directly post-alicorn Twilight. No Discord, no Starlight, fairly shallow versions of the mane six. A somewhat out of character twilight for the first half.  No royal guards either. Which was odd. I did like the villain pony Tempest. Sure, a bit over the top, but didn’t seem like a parody or badly executed character. Just a bit basic.

  • Petty Vengeance is Magic by Lightning Farron
  • Rapid Blink by michaelb958

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