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Movie: Kill Command

I just finished watching a cheesy scifi action movie on Netflix. It was called Kill Command. Team of military guys on island being hunted by robots. Good old fashion B-movie fun. If you want some shallow scifi action, can’t go wrong with this one. Got the jaded military veteran. Suspicious corporate scientist. Cool evil robot designs. Yeah, the robots were apparently totally designed to be evil. Then they went evil! Who could have anticipated that?

Minor spoilers below:

My favorite part is when they finally find out why the robots are rampaging like they are. The test to see how well they do against human military forces? They forgot to put a end condition. So the AI is just continuing to do the live-fire exercise to learn how to defeat humans. To the point of hacking the com system to order a more experienced squad to come to the island for ‘training’ just to get more experience in the exercise. Just such a realistic way for things to get fucked. That will probably be how actual military robots end humanity if it happens. Some programmer will forget to put the ‘stop killing when enemy is dead’ subroutine in the software and so the robots will just keep going.

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Ready Player One, part two

Just finished reading through the original story again. Now I can say for sure that the movie is the better version. Turns out several things I remembered from reading the book the first time were just things my brain came up with while reading it, apparently. That and I suspect that three years of reading primarily My Little Pony fan fiction has given me a bit more perspective on how good fan wankery can be. If you haven’t read the book you should see the movie first. If you really, really liked the movie but think it needed less character development and more 80s references then you should read the book. Otherwise just watch the movie.

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Ready Player One

The movie on it’s own merits: Fun, disposable entertainment. Parts I enjoyed. Good visual effects. Kinda boring writing. Pacing was slow at times. Not bad.

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A Wrinkle in Time

Hi there! In the Discord chat I spend most of my time in there has been an interesting experience where a good amount of the people present changed their user names to their real names. Been interesting. Some people get weirder out. Others felt that being completely themselves meant they were more boring. My only reaction to my own is that it’s weird seeing my own name when I post things. Plus it makes it even harder for me to keep track of who is who.

Warning: Spoilers both major and minor for both book and movie ahead.

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Pony Stories 818

So, this youtube clip from the movie is Tempest’s big song number. So, spoilers. Also the best musical bit in the movie my opinion. Anyway! I realized it’s the perfect example of how the animation bothers me. Tempest is a pony with a snout and chin. Whereas Twilight is basically just a human face with a slightly square nose. I much prefer my ponies to be, well, ponies.

  • Voices Lost by DwarvishPony
  • The Bet by Paradigm Shift

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