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Pony Stories 601

Most of the time I play a good guy in video games. Always pick the nice option in dialogue, look for peaceful solutions if the game allows it, that sort of thing. Which leads to some fun moments. Like my playthrough of Mass Effect 1-3. The first game I picked all good-guy options. The second game I probably was closer to 70/30 good/bad. Then the last game I was closer to 30/70 good/bad. You could see my Shepard losing her cool over the three games at the idiocy of the rest of the universe. Now, in Fallout 4, I normally like to be nice when it is available. Except in my latest game where I kinda did something evil. I wasn’t getting the quest to help the last unclaimed settlement. So I kinda just killed the guy who owned the place. Noble re-builder of civilization, that’s me.

  • Wait… Horses Can’t Vomit? by PoisonClaw
  • Twilight Falls, Sunset Dawns by DrakeyC
  • Beyond the Curtain by Skywriter
  • Growing Pains by Minds Eye
  • A Couple of Tossers by PresentPerfect

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Pony Stories 600

Big round number post! Let’s take a look at the big master review list numbers, shall we? Since I don’t have anything else for a big round number. Author’s covered on the list: 2,752, Stories reviewed: 6,907, Total reviews: 11,796. It still boggles my mind when I think about it since I know there are a whole lot I haven’t added. Sporadic work on the Goodfic Bin reviews. Rage Reviews are not covered. Plus all the video reviews of which there has to be at least a couple hundred. That’s a whole lot of words about ponyfic. Of that gigantic pile I’ve got 2045 reviews. Which covers all but three (maybe four?) pony fanfiction I’ve read. The exceptions being kink clopfic of kinks I enjoy. Just too embarrassed to share the kinks I enjoy in stories. Don’t think I actually enjoyed any of them though, so that’s a shame.

  • Twisting Between the Sheets by HoofBitingActionOverload
  • Princess Twilight’s Omnicultural Multi-ethnic All-encompassing Defense Force by Anatinus
  • Idols by BlazzingInferno
  • Legionnaire by The Lord Inquisitor
  • Pinkie Pie Has Infiltrated The Changelings’ Secret Base! by Estee

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Pony Stories 599

Missed yesterday. I could have fudged it since I’m writing this at about a half-hour after midnight. Yet I’m in a good mood and so figure might as well roll with it. I didn’t get my story done for the writeoff. Which I might have mentioned already? Eh, anyway I do plan to write up my idea at least a few hundred words and probably put it up here. Now I have to share the damage that the feature box has done to my brain. One story actually had me consider the following comparison for a moment. For a clop story, which is worse: Twilight Sparkle with dog spike or dragon spike? I got about three cycles into it before my brain ran screaming from the train of thought. You know, until I decided to write it up as intro filler and now my brain is thinking about it again.

  • Starlight’s Second Friendship Lesson by PresentPerfect
  • Stare Down of The Century by Tavish
  • Wizards, Fools, and Foals by FanOfMostEverything
  • The Bully is Back by HapHazred
  • Maud-lin by Pascoite

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Pony Stories 598

Nope, didn’t get more than a paragraph done of the story for the writeoff. I still plan to finish it. Just have trouble focusing and finding the time to write. Which is just ridiculous since free time is my most plentiful resource.

  • Princess Celestia is in your bed. by ocalhoun
  • Nopony Expects the Spanish Inquisition by BrownDog77
  • Things Best Left Unknown by FoughtDragon01

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Pony Stories 597

Put this off and now I have to rush off for the D&D game. Where our party is about to be utterly annihilated by a Air Elemental. Hopefully I will survive. Probably by running away as fast as possible to find a spot to hide.

  • Seven Girls, Nine Hundred Forty Three Miles, and One Minivan. by Tumbleweed
  • Climbing the Mountain by Talon and Thorn

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