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Second Week of Pony #4

Ha! All caught up on the text reviews for the big master review list and chipping away at video reviews once more. Found a guy that has two review videos (I think) of pony fan fiction, but doesn’t give names or links in the description and I certainly am not watching a hour long video just to see what he covers. So just going to put the links here and here.

I’m not sure if the show is getting more worldbuilding elements as the seasons roll on or I’m just paying more attention (which I doubt) but it does seem like these lists are getting longer for each season.

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Second week of Pony #3

Well, apparently I messed up scheduling yesterday’s post. Good thing I caught it. I haven’t been great managing daily posts but I do want this week to be a daily event just because the five seasons and five days match up so well. Not to mention I want to get this stuff out of the way and get back to reviews. Anyway, season three canon notes today. Once again this is totally subjective. Just the stuff I noticed while watching the show. I tried to be as tightly focused as possible. I tried not to speculate, but simply noting what I saw in the show. Failed at keeping things objective in a few places.

Discovery during one of the episodes is that Scootaloo and Applejack at the exact same color. Huh.

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Second Week of Pony #2

Continuing from yesterday, today is no reviews and more just a long list. Still haven’t gotten to the end of season 5. Hopefully I can finish it off today after losing all of yesterday to mind-eating games and just kinda zoning out. Making some progress on updating the big master review list. Chipping away at the bookmarked text reviews and bits and pieces here and there for the video reviews. So many links.

Oh and the newest addition to the big master review list is The Hat Man. Who has done a half-dozen posts for stories from something called ScribbleFest that has been showing up in lots of places and I still have no clue about beyond it was a contest. Is a contest? Who knows. Anyway, half a dozen posts for stories from that and a top ten post for stories he read last year. I was surprised that he is a fairly new member over on FimFiction. Only joined in mid-2015, so he isn’t even a year old in the ponyfic world.

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Second Week of Pony #1

Have still not gotten through the entire show so far. Haven’t seen the new episode(s?) yet either. Getting into season five. The lack of deadline, as usual, has slowed down my progress. Instead of reviews this week is going to be the lists I’ve made watching the show of everything canon-worthy I noticed while watching. One day per season. I will also be putting the whole thing in a spreadsheet to classify ponies/locations/events sort of thing. For my own uses but I’ll happily make it public if anyone out there would like to see it as well.

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Review: This Is How You Die

Finished this a while back, after lingering on the last couple of stories for a while, so this will not be my usual just after review.

A sequel to Machine of Death.

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