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Non-pony story review tuesday

Just recently I had that moment that most writers have probably had, and us unproductive writers have more than others. Running across someone writing a story that’s really close to an idea for one you’ve had. Maybe even a story you’ve done a bit of work on and always planned to finish it that mythical ‘someday’. Then someone else comes up, steals the story you weren’t working on, and writes their own version just to spite you! Or, you know, just had the same cool idea and are just better at actually following through with the execution.

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Pony Stories 440

Writing this intro bit a few days before the post actually goes live. So not even sure what kind of reviews might be below. Might be pony fan fiction. Might be actual paid-money-for stories. Who knows! Anyway, hopefully by the time you read this I will once again be up to date on the big master review list. Maybe even be ready to add another reviewer! Someone I found completely by accident while browsing comments on… a story? Might have been a FimFiction blog. Anyway, look forward to that semi-soon. Maybe tomorrow. Whenever that tomorrow turns out to be. If my current good mood lasts (effective medication for the win!) I might even resume putting up my R4 posts over on FimFiction to get back to catching up on reviews over there.

Split Eyes by Meta Four

Fun story. Though my fondness for story via letters means I’m hardly going to be absolutely objective. Wish it hadn’t been all one way though. The replies to the letters would have been interesting. I really like this version of Ditzy Doo. Can’t wait to see what the author’s take on Trixie is. Oh, and I would recommend reading Alarm Clock first. Otherwise you might be a little lost.

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Pony Stories 439

My favorite part of the Princess Spike episode? Gryphon as one of the delegates. Given that there was a team at the, um… Equestrian games? I think I forgot what the pony Olympics was called. Anyway, with the data points we’ve gotten I think we can say with some certainty (as much as guessing wildly about a children’s cartoon show anyway) that there is a settlement of Gryphons in the kingdom. It’s probably not gryphons living in pony cities in any great numbers. Several ponyville ponies had never seen one before, and Rarity commented that they were very rare. So probably a small town of them somewhere. If we hadn’t just seen Gilda’s home I would have said that’s where she’s from and why she got into Pegasus flight camp and all that. Then again… Did they actually say that she grew up there? Maybe after leaving Ponyville she wanted to leave Equestria completely because she was fed up with ponies and headed to the one all-gryphon kingdom she knew about. Probably read about it in books like Twilight did, and probably got incredibly disillusioned when she got there. Hmm… Not canon most likely, but could be a cool basis for a story.

Apple Turnovers by MythrilMoth

Another fanfic that’s been destroyed by canon. Not in the big obvious way, but by the fact that Twilight wouldn’t have to go to town hall to find family records for one of her friends. Because she’s got them already. Or maybe not, since they were probably in the tree when it went kablooey. Wonder if show Twilight has been working on reacquiring all that information? Anyway, another simple little slicey lifey. Not as good as the others, but fluffy if that’s what you are looking for.

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Pony Stories 438

Do-it-yourself projects can be frustrating and hard when doing something you aren’t used to doing. Yet the satisfaction of finishing a project is really nice. In this case the project was creating my own whiteboard chore list type thing. Because as I found out, big whiteboards are crazy expensive once you get bigger than 2-3 feet wide. Yet you can get whiteboard material from a hardware store for cheap as heck. In this case, about ten bucks for a 2’x4′ section. That, some cheap edging so it looks at least a little nice, and some paint for the lines. Boom. Then I had to figure out how to do a lot of straight lines. Ended up just brute forcing the solution with a lot of frog tape, black paint, and a small paintbrush. Hopefully it will be as useful as I hope it will be in helping me be productive in my life.

Missed yesterday, so today going to give you three pony reviews. Down below the break.

  • The Motion of the Stars by Carabas
  • So…What Now? by MythrilMoth
  • Scootaloo’s Sunrise Surprise by MythrilMoth

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Pony Stories 437

This is the intro bit. For which my brain is drawing a blank. So guess you should just go down to the single review below.

Blink by zaponator

Ending was a bit unexpected, but the basic premise was exactly what I thought it would be. It was worth a read even if there was no real surprises. Made me think about that Twilight messing around with magic should be a larger sub genre of ponyfic. I mean, Twilight messing up magic is practically a cliche at this point, but I mean just using Twilight experimenting with magic as a way to worldbuild and/or just explore ideas. Then again, I have read a good amount of stories doing exactly that, so I might be way off base.

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