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08 Feb

These are the new books I’ve read in 2013. I will be updating this list as the year goes on. Just wanted to move it from the general books page now that it’s gotten longer. At the end of the year I’ll put my thoughts on the books and this whole review thing at the bottom.

I tried to write the reviews below just after finishing the book in question. Many of them I managed to get down within a few minutes of the last page. I did it this way because I always find my memories and reactions to a book dull considerably over time. Even a few weeks later I can’t remember more then a general good/bad when someone asks me about what I’ve read. So this is so I can simply refresh my memory or point someone to my initial reaction to a story. Then I can add in any further thoughts I’ve had about it since I wrote whatever it was I wrote about whatever it is I’m talking about with whoever I might be talking with. So forth and so on. I’m sure you get the idea.

Out of the Dark by David Weber
Ghost Ship by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
The Facade by Michael S. Heiser
Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
Down On The Farm by Charles Stross
Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks
The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi
Shadow Ops: Control Point by Myke Cole
The Shangri-La Diet: The No Hunger Eat Anything Weight-Loss Plan by Seth Roberts
The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross
The Jennifer Morgue by Charles Stross
The Fuller Memorandum by Charles Stross
Overtime by Charles Stross
The Apocalypse Codex by Charles Stross
The Fractal Prince by Hannu Rajaniemi
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow
Galactic Patrol by E. E. ‘Doc’ Smith
A Hole in the World by Sophie Robbins
Escape by Jasper Scott
Free Nonfiction 2012 by Baen Books
Libriomancer: (Magic Ex Libris Book 1) by Jim C. Hines
The Soulkeepers (the soulkeeper series) by G. P. Ching
Pines by Blake Crouch
Breakers (breakers book 1) by Edward W. Robertson
Kil’n People by David Brin
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said by Philip K. Dick
Wool by Hugh Howey
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
The Lost Fleet: Beyond The Frontier: Dreadnought by Jack Campbell
The Lost Fleet: Beyond The Frontier: Invincible by Jack Campbell
Infected by Scott Sigler
Hard Magic by Larry Correia
Spellbound by Larry Correia
Contagious by Scott Sigler
Blood Oath (Nathaniel Cade) by Christopher Farnsworth
The President’s Vampire by Christopher Farnsworth
Rocket City Rednecks New American Space Plan by Travis S Taylor
Red, White, and Blood by Christopher Farnsworth
The Lost Fleet: Beyond The Frontier: Guardian by Jack Campbell
Wanna Be A Writer by Jane Wenham-Jones
The Long Tail: Why the future is selling less of more by Chris Anderson
The Sharp End (The Great Undead War prequel story) by Joseph Nassise
Pony: Long Distance by EZN
Diving Into The Wreck by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Pony: Eternal by Device Heretic
Pony: Tales by George Pollock, Jr.
Pony: The Old Stories by Thanqol
Pony: For Those We Left Behind by Drakmire
Pony: Memories of Those Friends Who’ve Gone Before Us by WTFHIW
Pony: 4 Conversations About 1 Thing by Gofindnova
Pony: A Cup Of Joe by The Descendant
Ad Astra by Jack Campbell
Pony: The Contest by Cold In Gardez
Pony: Celestia’s Teeth by Abalidoth
When The Bough Breaks (The Empire’s Corps) by Christopher Nuttal
23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism by Ha-Joon Chang
Pony: Yours Truly by Thanqol
Pony: The Glass Blower by Cold In Gardez
Pony: Movements of Fire and Shadow by InquisitorM
Extinction Machine by Jonathan Maberry
Pony: Faithful Student by Phantom Fox
Pony: Eso Sí Que Es by WTFHIW
The Impossible Object by David Conyers
Pony: Naked Singularity by Cold in Gardez
Pony: In Memory Of by Obselescence
Pony: Sunny Skies All Day Long by PhantomFox
Pony: Whom The Princesses Would Destroy… by Ghost Of Heraclitus
Pony: A Canterlot Carol by Ghost Of Heraclitus
Pony: Twilight Sparkle Makes A Cup Of Tea by Ghost Of Heraclitus
Pony: Dictated, Not Read by Device Heretic
Pony: Martial Bliss by Skywriter
Pony: A Princess By Any Other Name by Skywriter
Pony: In Celestia We Trust, All Others Pay Cash by Georg
Pony: 100% Move = 50% Fire by Estee
Pony: Spike’s Centennial by Cinnamon Fritter
Pony: How To Remove A Unicorn Tooth by Skywriter
Pony: A War of Words – The Opening of the Guard by Georg
Pony: A Candle To The Sun by Moabite
Pony: The Numbers Don’t Lie by shortskirtsandexplosions
Pony: A Filly’s Guide To Not Making Headlines by Bradel
Pony: Princess Celestia Gets Mugged by BronyWriter
Pony: Words Failed Her by Nonsanity
Pony: An Unepic Pony War In The Non-Distant Future by anowack
Pony: Two Ponies by Twilight Snarkle
Pony: The Celestial Mechanics In Midsummer by Twilight Flopple
Pony: Just Words by device heretic
Pony: Applejack’s Bar by Alaborn
Pony: A Lot to Think About by Skywriter
Pony: Sun Princess by Skywriter
Pony: Vengeance And Fashion by Tumbleweed
Pony: Simply Darling by shortskirtsandexplosions
Pony: The Wrong Fork by PoweredByTea
Pony: Observatory Hill by Skywriter
Pony: Lady Prismia and the Princess-Goddess by Skywriter
Pony: Couchtavia by shortskirtsandexplosions
Pony: Heart to Heart by Crosis
Pony: Lost Cities by Cold In Gardez
Pony: Hard Reset by Eakin
Pony: An Important Letter by Eakin
Pony: Ever on the Edge by Nonsanity
Pony: A Stitch in Time by Eakin
Pony: You Can Fight Fate by Eakin
Pony: Heretical Fictions by Skywriter
Pony: Beloved by Skywriter
Pony: Hoardsmiths by Skywriter
Pony: The Battle of Fort Book by PinkamenaPiePrincess
Pony: Keeping Your Hooves On The Ground by InsertAuthorHere
Pony: Affairs of State by The6thMaster
Pony: For The Love Of Science by Cold In Gardez
Pony: Something Like Feeling by shortskirtsandexplosions
Pony: Theory by shortskirtsandexplosions
Pony: Gift by shortskirtsandexplosions
Pony: Ties by Take Flight
Pony: Playing Along by ?
Pony: Interference by Vimbert the Unimpressive
Pony: The Dragon And The Photograph by Scramblers and Shadows
Pony: Duel Nature by Eakin
Pony: Whisper Sun, Silent Moon by RedSquirrel456
Pony: Twilight Sparkle Gets A Free Salad by AestheticB
Pony: Derplicity by Skywriter
Pony: Ah Ain’t Got no Ack-cent! by Conner Cogwork
Pony: On The Importance Of Spelling by Softy8088
Pony: Luna’s Librarian, Twilight’s Moon by TheLastBrunnenG
Pony: Princess Celestia Hates Tea by Skywriter
Pony: Twilight Sky Over Canterlot by Twilight Flopple
Pony: Drop Of Moonshine by Pen Stroke
Pony: Flitter by Nyerguds
Pony: The Moonstone Cup by Cyanide
Pony: The Rustic And The Romantic by TheLastBrunnenG
Pony: Two Cups of Tea by Absolute Anonymous
Pony: A Writer’s Lament by Absolute Anonymous
Pony: Night Guards by Raugos
Pony: The Sisters Doo by Ponky
Pony: Shipping Sickness by Skywriter
Pony: Dear Idiot by The Descendant
Pony: Jury Duty by Estee
Pony: On The Application Of Time And Motion Efficiency Studies To Initial Relationship Formation by Estee
Pony: A Muddy Hole by PoweredByTea
Pony: The Rate Is Too Darn High! by Alaborn
Pony: Shorts by Cold in Gardez
Pony: Lost Cities by Cold In Gardez (again)
Pony: A Royal Canterlot Wedding: Deleted Scenes by Raugos
Pony: Maiden Flight by Cold in Gardez
Pony: Look Right Through Me by Zakkyhooves
Pony: Falling Petals by BronyWriter
Pony: This Day is Going to be Perfect by BronyWriter
Pony: Advice by device heretic
Pony: Sonic Rainbigot by Estee
Pony: Princess Luna Likes Coffee by Bradel
Pony: The Traveling Tutor And The Librarian by Georg
Pony: A Short Story By Twilight Sparkle by Skywriter
Pony: A Breakfast of Time Loops by Obselescence
Pony: A Novel Tale by Blissey1
Pony: Going Different Ways by Aray
Pony: Do Not Serve These Ponies by Thanqol
Pony: The Cost Of Life by Softy8088
Pony: Third Time’s a Charm by RazedRainbow
Pony: The Trouble with Phoenixes by Cold in Gardez
Pony: Salvation by Cold in Gardez
Pony: Thunderstruck by device heretic
Pony: Don’t Let the Princess Drive the Celestial Phaeton! by Ponydora Prancypants
Pony: Ponyville 911 by MisterMoniker
Pony: The Best Night Ever by Capn_Chryssalid
Pony: A Perfectly Ordinary Day in Ponyville by The Equestrian Gentlecolt
Pony: A Sun Without A Moon by Mourning Zephyr
Pony: Celestia And Luna’s Completely Average Day
Pony: Mood Wings by Tchernobog
Pony: Mendacity by Dromicosuchus
Pony: Trial Run by UnlicensedBrony
Pony: Felt Heart by Tchernobog
Pony: Apotheosis by Daetrin
Pony: Never Judge A Book By Its Cover by LightStriker
Pony: Get Thyselves a Room by Vimbert the Unimpressive
Pony: The Rummy Business of Old Blooey by Cloud Wander
Warbound (The Grimnoir Chronicles) by Larry Correia
Pony: The Lessons of Eternity by Fedora Mask
Pony: Princess Celestia and the Laser Pointer by Countsmegula
Pony: You Can’t Be Missed If You Never Left by Staeg Masque
Pony: In A Tavern, Down By The River by Lysis
Pony: Fiddlesticks! by Tigerhorse
Pony: Princess Luna’s School for Gifted Young Alicorns by Tigerhorse
Pony: Never by shortskirtsandexplosions
A Professional’s Guide To Ending Violence Quickly by Marc ‘Animal’ Young
Pony: Friendship is Balls by shortskirtsandexplosions
Pony: The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash by Chengar Qordath
Pony: Get Lost (In a Book) by Kavonde
Pony: Derpy’s Diary by Obselescence
Pony: Mortal by Benman
Pony: One Small Step by Benman
Pony: A Cause Worth Dying For by Signas
Pony: What Must Be Done by Vargras
Pony: Family Matters by RainbowDoubleDash
Pony: Longest Night, Longest Day by RainbowDoubleDash
Pony: Boast Busted by RainbowDoubleDash
Pony: Helping…Hands? by RainbowDoubleDash
Pony: An Awkward Day by RainbowDoubleDash
Pony: Tales of Ponyville by RainbowDoubleDash
Pony: An Early Reunion by RainbowDoubleDash
Pony: At the Grand Galloping Gala by RainbowDoubleDash
Pony: In the Heat of the Moment by RainbowDoubleDash
Pony: Countdown to Crisis by RainbowDoubleDash
Pony: Crisis on Two Equestrias by RainbowDoubleDash
Pony: Eye of the Hurricane by InsertAuthorHere
Pony: Of Hearts and Hooves by InsertAuthorHere
Pony: Dinner with the Folks by RK_Striker_JK_5
Pony: A Night Out by Skaugset
Pony: Exam Jitters by GrassAndClouds2
Pony: The Hero of Oaton by thatguyvex
Pony: Tears of an Empty Sky by Norrie McFly
Pony: Foaling Around by GrassAndClouds2
Pony: Carrot Top Season by GrassAndClouds2
Pony: Musicians and Dreamers by GrassAndClouds2
Pony: A Canterlot Morning by GrassAndClouds2
Pony: Symphony for Moon and Sun by GrassAndClouds2
Pony: Changelings, Changelings, Everywhere by Benman
Pony: How to Preen Your Chicken by Drakkith
Pony: You Were There by TheBrianJ
Pony: Like Sisters by -Chaotic Discord-
Pony: Free by Martian
Pony: Brother by Martian
Pony: But You Surpass Them All by Pascoite
Pony: A Present for Octavia by GrassAndClouds2
Pony: Fire Spores by applecinnamonspice
Pony: Somewhere Only We Know by PatchworkPoltergeist
Pony: The Night After by Blackbelt
Pony: Trixie’s Winter Wrap Up by Blackbelt
Pony: Griffin Over the Line by Emeral Bookwise
Pony: Keep On Trying by ColdGoldLazarus
Pony: File Under ‘I’ for ‘Impossible’ by Fizzy Orange
Pony: Ill Communication by RK_Striker_JK_5
Pony: Where There is Smoke by Fizzy Orange
Pony: Carrot Top of the Line by Fizzy Orange
Pony: Scootalong to the Cheer by Blackbelt
Pony: The School Talent Show by Blackbelt
Pony: A Hard Bargain by Zap Apple Smash
Pony: Greengrass’s Night by GrassAndClouds2
Pony: To Cheerilee, with Love by HopeFox
Pony: Through the Fire and Flames by DagaYemar
Pony: Foalish Misadventures by GrassAndClouds2
Pony: The Game and The Garden by Zeroxion564
Pony: One Lost Letter by DagaYemar
Journeys of Wonder, Volume 1 by various
Pony: Fallout: Equestria by Kkat
Pony: Cheerilee’s Date for the Grand Galloping Gala by Blackbelt
Pony: Fire & Rain by Ruirik
Pony: Feathers and Diamonds by Blackbelt
Pony: Diamond Tiara Goes Too Far by Blackbelt
Pony: Celestia’s Extra Special Day by RainbowBob
Pony: Scootaloo Stops for Red Light by adcoon
Pony: The Sun’s Song by Blackbelt
Pony: Clean Slate by Alaborn
Pony: I Love You? by Kamikakushi
Pony: Cellist Of Saraneighvo by Ruirik
Pony: The Immortal Game by AestheticB
Pony: It’s a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door by Jetfire
Pony: An Apple Comes Out Of The Cellar by Seether00
Pony: Racist Barn by Ponydora Prancypants
Pony: Preening For A Princess by Togashi
Pony: Memories We Never Had by HiddenBrony
Pony: Shipping Goggles by AbsoluteAnonymous
Pony: The Fruits of Their Labors by Ponydora Prancypants
Pony: The Voice Of Reason by Pascoite
Pony: Treating Her Right by Rated PonyStar
Pony: Home Grown by AbsoluteAnonymous
Pony: Distorted Perspective by Vimbert The Unimpressive
Pony: Playing Hard To Get by Vimbert The Unimpressive
Pony: Harpflank and Sweets: A Very Special Episode by Cold In Gardez
Pony: Transdimensional Zoology by AbsoluteAnontmous
Pony: Hello, Sedna by shortskirtsandexplosions
Pony: My Even Tinier Ponies by Benman
Pony: The Archer and The Smith by Sharaloth
Pony: Of Age by paleowriter
Pony: Nom De Plume by Pascoite
Pony: Ladies Don’t Freak Out by paleowriter
Pony: The Light Goes Out by AbsoluteAnonymous
Pony: True Colors by Alligator Fists
Pony: The Heart Thief by Sharaloth
Pony: The Skin Horse by Obselescence
Pony: The Traveling Tutor And The Diplomats Daughter by Georg
Pony: Two Unicorns Walk Into A Village by Georg
Pony: To Sleep, Perchance To Dream by Georg
Pony: Genealogy – (Or The Mating Habits Of Nocturnes Pegasi) by Georg
Pony: Inspection Day by Obselescence
Pony: The Mare At The End Of Forever by Obselescence
Pony: Diplomatic Security by Georg
Pony: Past Sins by Pen Stroke
Pony: Daring DONE! by Aragon
Pony: The Chicken Goddess by Mr101
Pony: Iron Princess Competition by MidnightDancer
Pony: Hearth’s Warming Eve: A Princess Promenade by Cloud Wander
Pony: The Face Takers by shortskirtsandexplosions
Pony: Fixing Up Miss Smartypants by Arkensaw Pinkerton
Pony: Taking a Breather by Timaeus
Pony: Old Friends by RBDash47
Equoid: A Laundry Novella by Charlie Stross
Pony: Spellbound Fireflies by bats
Pony: Nightfall – Luna’s Reunion by Georg
Pony: Gloomy Everyday by The Parasprite
Pony: The Thousand Year Romance Of Clover The Clever by Benman
Pony: A Taste of the Good Life by Eakin
Pony: A Concert for Ponyville by GrassAndClouds2
Pony: To The Bugle’s Last Call by Georg
Pony: Saros: The First Dream by shortskirtsandexplosions
Pony: The Princess of Books by anowack
Pony: Paper Tigers by MidnightDancer
Pony: Bad Moon Rising by ThunderTempest
Pony: Ghosts by Ponydora Prancypants
Pony: Choosing of the Guard by Random_User
Pony: Darkest Before Dawn by Obselescence
Pony: Case and Gaze by I had no idea
Pony: Interview with a Batpony by Gulheru
Pony: Moonlight Becomes You by Dalek
Pony: And Let Me Sing Among The Stars by CesareBlanc
Pony: In the Space of a Year by Access
Pony: Sketchy Trust by Lastingimage24
Pony: Stand Ready by JMac
Pony: The Sun Shines Brightest at Night by presentperfect
Pony: Establishing Luna’s Royal Guard by Zeck
Pony: Absolutely Batty by NotARealPonydotcom
Pony: Nightshift by AlwaysDressesInStyle
Pony: Batpony Quarantine by nucnik
Pony: Nightmare Life by MusicMagic131
Pony: I, Witness by LoyalLiar
Pony: Shadowtrotter: Arbitrary Batastrophic Constellations. by Blue Pen
Pony: A Lost Diamond in the Rough by Umi Chou
Pony: Common Misconceptions of the Equine Bat by Harric Mills
Pony: The Monster of Cane’s Hill by ArgonMatrix
Pony: Night guards origins by Wissle
Pony: Capes and Crusaders by Starhunter
Pony: Life of a Bat Pony by ConnVolpe
Pony: Legend of the Thestrals by ShadowBrony
Pony: Hidden Fangs by sharingan9001
Pony: A New Life of Darkness by Supersnot
Pony: Legends Of The Everfree by MLPxMaestro
Pony: The Secret Darkness by Coppermane
Pony: Mottled Shadow by Inkyarn
Pony: Nocturna Eternal by SweetieBotError
Pony: Super Trampoline the Bat Pony’s Day As Presented Through Various Writing Paradigms by Super Trampoline
Pony: Secluded by Innit
Pony: The First of Many by NotARealPonydotcom
Pony: Never too Shy to Love by True Blood
Pony: Power Surge by Kapuchu
Pony: I Love You, Dad. by NotARealPonydotcom
Pony: Power Surge – Rejection by Kapuchu
Pony: Wise Beyond Her Years by Pen Stroke
Pony: B.B.B.F.F.B.R. by 8686
Pony: Cloud Stories by Bob From Bottles
Pony: An Earth Pony Orphan In The Unicorn Court by Benman
Pony: Legacy by SweetieBotError
Pony: Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons
Pony: Old Friends by GrassAndClouds2
Pony: The Wind Thief by Cold in Gardez
Pony: The Lantern by Cold in Gardez
Pony: Tonight by Echos of a Dream
Pony: A Sister’s Work by CesareBlanc
Pony: Apple Family Values by Lapis-Lazuli
Pony: Rise from the Ashes by ArgonMatrix
Pony: Musical Relations by Lapis-Lazuli
Pony: Where Loyalties Lie: Honor Guard by LoyalLiar
Pony: A New Perspective by ArgonMatrix
Pony: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far
Pony: To Make a Spark by Chris
Pony: A Meeting by Moonlight by Jordan179
Pony: Feeling Adrift by Jordan179
Pony: A Song of Storms: Of Skies Long Forgotten by The 24th Pegasus
Pony: Alcohol’s Effect On Friendship by Akumokagetsu
Pony: A Song of Storms: Snow and Shadows by The 24th Pegasus
Pony: Twilight DONE! by Aragon
Pony: Daring Do and the Dance by Georg
Pony: Pilgrimage by Pascoite
Pony: Roaming by Skywriter
Of Dice And Men by David M. Ewalt
Pony: The Sun Burns Brightly by Eakin
Pony: Escort Flight by Georg
Pony: Starting on the Wrong Hoof by LDSocrates
Pony: In the Bleak Midwinter by Skywriter
Pony: Luna Drops the Soap by Drakkith
Pony: Obiter Dicta by GhostOfHeraclitus
Fortune’s Pawn (Paradox Series) by Rachel Bach
H.P. Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction

End of year thoughts (WIP)

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