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Pony Stories 776

Playing XCOM2 again. This time with the Long War 2 mod, which is a major update/rehaul of the whole game. So far I’m liking it a lot. Much more strategy involved with the changes. For instance, when you send soldiers on missions it isn’t just send them, do the mission. They spend time infiltrating and the longer they can do that, the easier the mission is. Only there is a time limit in how long the mission is around. As well as infiltration is easier with fewer soldiers on the mission and what classes/equipment you send. Which is why I send just three soldiers on the mission that killed Estee, Super Trampoline, and Cerulean Voice. They were great at the initial infiltration! Once the mission actually started, not so much.

  • The Sisters and the Dragon by cleverpun
  • Numberography by ph00tbag

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