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Pony Stories 787

My changeling cosplay at the con went perfectly, nobody mentioned it. Also doubles as ninja costume at anime conventions.

  • The Weed by kudzuhaiku
  • Venenum Iocus by kudzuhaiku

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New Reviewers 27: The Last Review

Haven’t had a post like this for a while! Mostly because I stopped putting up one for every new reviewer I find if they only have a handful of reviews. Yet I need content and this guy is at least optimistic about doing more in the future, with the #1 in his post title and all.

So, welcome -Blue Jay- to the horrible, depraved cesspool of pony reviewers! New to FimFiction, no stories, and one blog post is a review post! He’s probably doomed. I mean, I thought I could get by with just reviews and no stories and look at me! The spitting image of a ponyfic author with one decent (if funny) finished story and a incomplete story that I’ll finish up one of these days (really! The second and final chapter is half-written down!). So only time will tell if mister Jay can resist the lure of authorship for long.

Blue Jay Reviews #1

Dat Booty by Summer Dancer
Who’s You Daddy? by Sporktacles
One Step Away by Oroboro

Based solely on the titles he covers and nothing else (including the actual stories with those titles) it looks like we’ve got a classy reviewer joining our ranks, folks. On the plus side he seems to be taking style notes from Titanium Dragon and possibility PaulAsaran to a lesser extent, so going for the quality angle I see.


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Pony Stories 591

The big master review list still manages to boggle me. Most of the time because I know that I don’t even come close to getting all the reviews of pony fanfiction that are out there. My general rule of thumb has been the big master review list covers probably half the total reviews out on the web. Part because I know I haven’t found everyone, part because there are a few review sources I have decided not to add to the list. Such as Rage Reviews. My possible additions bookmark folder has over a dozen entries in it of review sources that for one reason or another I’ve either decided not to add or have put on the back burner. Then there is the fact that I don’t do in story comment reviews either. Given the size of the list I probably have managed to close the gap a bit. I doubt I cover only a half of them anymore. Probably have gotten to nearly two-thirds, by nearly burning myself out a few times.

So putting video reviews on the list will be going on the back-burner again. Just can’t work up the enthusiasm for them. Especially the videos that cover more than one story. I don’t know why the youtube pages with more stories wear me down more than say a blog post with several stories. Probably just because I jumped into the deep end first with Brony Bookclub and it’s one or two dozen stories a video to link and linking to stories over and over again from different videos.

  • Why No One Messes With Celestia by scion
  • Why No One Messes With Luna by scion
  • Body of Work by TheGreyPotter
  • A Once and Future Darkness by Cold in Gardez
  • Babel by Cold in Gardez

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New Reviewers 27: Subtitle TBD (aka the great video review mistake part 2)

Okay, calling it. I’m still going to add video reviews and stuff to the list, but until my big master review list workload settles down I’m no longer going to do the New Reviewer posts with links to all of their posts/videos/etc. It is basically doubling my workload and it is one of the main reasons I haven’t been going faster on the video reviews. I will still try to do a ‘added this reviewer to the list’ with a link to the reviewer in the intro paragraphs to my usual posts, but this will be the last full New Reviewer post I am going to do for the foreseeable future. I will also continue to let you guys know when I have finished up a backlog or otherwise gotten to the end of a huge chunk of reviews so you can check favorite stories or whatever for new reviews.

Since it isn’t something to put on the list, I’ll just link it here. CCC: cleverpun’s Critique Corner: Description/Title Reviews #3

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New Reviewers 26: A Good Day to Review Hard (aka the great video review mistake part 1)

I guess I’m committed now. Video reviews on the Big Master Review List are officially a go! No, wait, that means I should probably *be* committed. Anyway, here are what I have added so far. I don’t think I’ll be putting all of them onto this post but I certainly plan to be updating it for a while before I actually put it up. So no clue how long will pass between me writing this intro bit and the post actually going up. The video reviews are going to be a bit of a gamble. For the text stuff I can at least skim to get some idea of the content. I do filter what I put on the list a little, mostly I avoid putting really mean or angry reviews. At the very least with the text ones I could tell if it was a review or just a mention of the story in the middle of something else. Time will tell if this was a good idea. If it turns out to be too much trouble, I’ll just quietly drop it like I did for comment-based reviews on FimFiction.

For the moment video reviews are not linked on the main sheet of the big master review list. They can be found here. I will be putting some indication of them on the big master review list in a while. I think what I will do is have a single column that is just ‘video reviews’ and if a story has one or more I will put a link to the video review sheet. Basically the same setup as I’m using for short story collections.

Here are the video review peoples in this post:

  • EmeraldComet
  • Changeling Number 32
  • AlphaPinkie Reviews
  • The Brony Bookclub

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