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Short Story Collection Solution: Twilight Sparkle Steps in a Bear Trap and Other Silly Tales!

It’s a good thing I’m doing this at a horrible early hour before/around sunrise. Means when 9am rolls around an actual post will pop up for people to see when they visit the site. All… Like, two dozen of you.

Twilight Sparkle Steps in a Bear Trap and Other Silly Tales! by Protopony350


Short Story Collection Solution: Spark Notes

Because it had to be done. Okay, maybe not had to be done. But it’s really hard to make fan fiction review links on a spreadsheet sound dramatic and interesting, okay?

Spark Notes by Sharp Spark


Short Story Collection solution: Fuzzy Fluffy Fables

Fuzzy Fluffy Fables by Fuzzyfurvert

Yep, more of this stuff.

PresentPerfect’s Reviews:


Short Story Collection solution: Fanofmosteverything

(Later edit: Decided to make this another author-focused instead of collection-focused post.)

Decided the cutoff point for a author/collection to get it’s own post is five. Especially when I consider that there will be more reviews of chapters from these in the future to add in.

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