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New pony source material

No reviews today. Over dinner I watched season 8 premiere episodes. Pretty good. I understand some of what I heard people talking about now, plus there is one or two ponyfics that looked interesting that had to do with characters from the show. I really liked that the “bad guy” was not defeated. They didn’t get him thrown out or destroy the EAA. Just said “go away, we aren’t playing by your rules man,” and he did go away. I did not like that it was extremely predictable. I could tell everything that was going to happen pretty much from the moment they opened the school.

Also wanted to mention one thing from the Equestria Girls short about the memory stone. So, Trixie can do honest to god magic. Huh. Guess that means Long Road to Friendship is practically canon. Twilight Sparkle, one the other hand, is apparently such a social introvert that taking a selfie had too much human interaction for her so she automated it.

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Episode 100

Because I’m stretching what content I got to keep up with the daily posting. This one will not have the usual review bundled with it.

Just watched the fandom episode (#100). Huh. Wish it had been better. Had 2-3 (maybe 4-5) good moments, all of which could have easily been worked into proper episodes. The Babylon 5 ‘background guys’ episode with the engineers did this so much better. If I had the magic wand to change things, plus a time machine, I probably would have done a fairly standard monster of the week episode that ends with the wedding and then on their website or something release a lot of vignettes, each one focusing on what each set of background characters was doing. I very stronger prefer my references to be worked into the edges and background instead of hitting the viewer’s face like a sledgehammer.

Favorite part: When the monster was giving Pinkie Pie a noogie during the fight.

Liked Steven showing up again, even if his actual appearance was bleh. Octavia was cool. Loved the scene where the crowd is watching the mane six huddled together and the crowd is wondering if it’s a monster or a friendship problem, because the monster would be so distracting. That’s totally how I see Ponyville ponies. “Ugh, monster, guess I won’t go do errands today.” Derpy was cute as heck. I liked her voice, it was sweet. Bon Bon a secret agent was kind of cool, I guess. Mostly I loved her grappling hooking out the window to go find a crowd to blend in with. The find a crowd line was one I actually laughed out loud at. The royal sisters arguing about who was supposed to bring the present was neat.

Okay, just read someone talking about things behind the scenes of the episode. (Here is where I got it). Most of it pretty typical, but I think it’s a crime that this part was cut -After Luna and Celestia began fighting it was going to pan outside where some of Celestia’s guards and Luna’s bat guards would be doing impressions of them.-  Quick, someone in the fandom make that animation!

Okay, I know they won’t because the episode is probably already finished, but I just thought of the greatest way to start episode #101. Have one of the mane six (I’d vote applejack) waking up at like a sleepover with all of the mane six and ask if anyone else dreamed about a bugbear last night. They say no, she shrugs and goes “huh. Weird” and then the episode moves on. Perfect way to put the entire fandom episode into a canon/not-canon state of flux. Because you could totally dream of the monster you just fought, but it would imply that the entire thing was a dream.


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Watching episodes #14

Been listening to this song recently. It’s a anime music video, but it certainly fits pony fandom just as much.

It’s the one with the dresses. One of my favorites, but mostly because I like Rarity so much.

Pout and eyelash flutter at the camera. I don’t think she’s breaking the fourth wall, I think Rarity just does that in random directions occasionally.

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Watching episodes #13

Annoying that my amazon season pass doesn’t get me the episodes of MLP until four or five days later. So torrents and youtube to the rescue! Mostly so I don’t have to avoid all the posts of people talking about it for a couple of days. Because I want to read them, but only after I’ve seen the episode myself, and trying to go back a few days through the feed on fimfiction is annoying.

Anyway, episode. Favorite part? The who’s on first sequence with Clear Skies and Open Skies. Also, Rainbow Dash was pretty much just trying to stop winter in her own town. Not like she was trying to destroy all of winter entirely. She just gets carried away and doesn’t think her actions through. See: selling her friend Fluttershy into slavery for a book. Though I think it would have been easier just to have whoever made the flying gadget to make a magic heating coat. It’s the cold that’s doing it after all.

Today we’ve got a Applejack vs Rainbow Dash episodes. Iron ponies and leaf racing. Episode begins!

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Watching Episodes #12

It’s the one where we meet the CMC for the first time. I’ve got to wonder if they had worked out Sweetie Belle was Rarity’s sister in this one, or it was something added in later. Because Sweetie and Scootaloo do just kind of come out of nowhere while Apple Bloom has been in an episode or two as the youngest Apple sibling.

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