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Tuesday D&D starts up!

Sweet. I made 88 cents from my stories on Amazon this quarter. Well, maybe more than a quarter. In any case Amazon just direct deposited 0.88$ in my bank account. Trivial but still a good momentary boost to my self-esteem.

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Pony Stories 839

Fun fact! If I add in a sex scene into my trash-fic, it messes up the flow of things because then I have to deal with the aftermath because it might be a trash-fic but heck if I’m going to just throw out continuity and character development. Ugh. I’ll just skip forward and just kinda mention it in passing. Five pages later, I’ve got four pages of characters trying to talk through the psychological effects of the event. Apparently I’m terrible at both including things and avoiding things. This is why I need to skip to shallow slice of life conversations and basic smooches and hugs. So much easier.

Anyway, onto actual published ponywords. Some of which were quite good.

Lootspheres by Estee

Amusing, if shallow. A rant/observation on how ridiculous pay-to-win games are. Though I think my favorite part is that Twilight Sparkle just goes along with it.

To Thaw a Frozen Heart by itsyaboiross

I found it sweet. A bit basic, but I like the pair of Sunset and Adagio and I feel the author managed a functional story. Not a great endorsement I guess, but like I opened with I found it sweet. Enjoyed it too.

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Filler post : again

I got about ten pages written today. Introduced an EqG Chrysalis into the story. Might actually write a explicit sex scene in next. Anyway, check back tomorrow for actual content I hope.

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Filler Post : Be Nice

Just filling the daily post quota. My writing continues. Still the trash shipping story, but I’m up to 126 pages for the month. Pushing through the writer’s block seems a bit easier and it has gotten easier to pull away from the computer to write. So a tiny bit of success so far.

In other news, just a reminder that you should try to be nice. Even toward people who you dislike. Poking and messing with people who are terrible might feel nice, but is not very constructive.

So, try to be nice.

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Pony Stories 838

Last couple of days I’ve been thinking about pony names. The usual one word and two word divide is well known. Lately I’ve been wondering if using just one part of a two word name is considered rude. Calling out to Sunset instead of Sunset Shimmer. I mean rude in a too casual fashion. Working on the assumption that pony names with more than one word aren’t a first name / last name situation. So calling her Twilight would be the pony equivalent of saying Ricky instead of Richard. This is what I think about when I have to write Sunset Shimmer’s name over and over and I worry if I might be insulting a fictional character if I don’t put the Shimmer in sometimes.

  • Severe Weather Appreciation Week by Cold in Gardez

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