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Pony Stories 144

Well, having a backlog and caring less about posting these in the order I read them lets me do more themed posts. So today is the Octavia/Vinyl romance post! Of course, Octavia’s OTP is Coulson, so these are going to suffer in the judging.¬† Well, they might suffer somewhere else. I don’t really do the whole judgement thing here.

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Book: Red Rising

A bit of non-pony fiction. Actually read this a while ago, and wrote this up right after, but there’s been so much pony fiction that I forgot about putting this up until now. Read below the break for the scifi book Red Rising by¬†Pierce Brown

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Pony Stories 143

Written right after the last one and I still don’t have anything interesting in mind. Had a thought, but then remembered I used that for the upcoming series of posts that I’m scheduling for the second week of June when I’m across the country away from my computer. Can you take a vacation when you aren’t really doing much during the day? It’s pretty much slacking off here where I have my computer, and then slacking off over there without a computer. I’m going to get the same amount of reading and productive writing done either way. Might even get more writing down away from the distraction of the internet. Assuming the withdrawal doesn’t get me first. Okay, had a bit of interesting stuff to put here this time.

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Pony Stories 142

Yeah, I got nothing to put here. Maybe inspiration will strike and I’ll change this to something interesting. Of course, if you are reading this, that did not happen. (Or did it?) Three more ponyfic review-type dealies below the break. Wait, just glanced over at the comments of InquisitorM’s post on White Space where Chris over at One Man’s Pony Ramblings is being ignored as a reviewer (truthfulness of statements in my intro paragraphs are not guaranteed). One, that is the site I see if he’s updated every day even though I know he only updates three times a week. And two, he could always stop doing the review thing now that he’s gotten the rest of us doing it and instead write more awesome stories like Wyrmlysan and To Make A Spark.

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Pony stories 141

The wonders of randomly wandering through the internet. Was using the random button on the Shit Prereaders Say tumblr and third or fourth one got me (sort of) to this: It involves cake. Or stay here and see what I thought about a couple of stories. Or do both! For non-pony humor I also ran across this again recently: It involves programming jokes.

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