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Spelljammer travel

Game content continues. Today going to be typing up my basic idea for long-distance travel for Spelljammer ships. I haven’t read ponyfic in like a week. I hardly recognize the world I’m living in! Do plan to do more of that sometime soon. Just fighting against the depression is taking other paths at the moment. So now onto wooded ships shaped like fish traveling between the crystal spheres that contain solar systems!

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Fate Accelerated Edition Tweaks

This one might not make a whole lot of sense to some of you, unless you know/play the game in question. Just been thinking about gaming recently and while catching up on some of the D&D blogs I follow I got mugged by inspiration. Yeah, mugged is exactly how I’d put it. So I had ideas about this stuff and wanted to write them down somewhere I would remember and could access in the future. Since that’s actually the original purpose of this blog, I figured here would be a good place to do that. If you have no interest in tabletop RPGs you’ll want to skip this one. If you don’t know anything about the system, but want to know more, I’ll put links to the rules below the break. Of course this post is coming from the faaaar future, in fact I wrote this after I wrote the posts scheduled to come up later. Not that they have anything to do with each other. Just that I’ve got two pony fanfic review posts showing up this week already in the queue. As for why it’s going in sooner than later, I don’t like to schedule things more than a week or so out when it’s just mostly stream-of-consciousness output. Which this is.

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