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Pony Stories 651

I’ve been doing good with daily posts, more or less. Gotta keep things up even if I’m quite a bit late today. Just a chance to do another semi-filler post with old-ish reviews. Reading on my kindle is better for my sleep (I tend to read a decent amount right before bed) but is worse than the mini-tablet for actually doing a review right after. So today’s reviews will be written based on what I remember from the ponyfics in question.

The Elements of Maternity by Georg

Amusing, fluffy comedy at its best. Most of it is the mane six in labor giving birth with a follow-up soon after. Nothing that will stick with you (though I read it like two months ago and still remember the basic outlines of several jokes), but worth it just for some popcorn reading.

Rainbow Dash Comes Out to Her Friends by Sporktacles

I remember basically nothing about this. Except that I was amused, but not really surprised. Some good stuff, no real bad stuff. Previous one was popcorn fun, this one is even less substantial cotton candy.

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Filler post!

Because he likes Sunny Day but certainly isn’t going to be reading Secrets Of A Royal Guard anytime soon. Here’s the best Sunny Day scene from that story for PresentPerfect. Where she’s been left in charge of all the royal guards in the palace for a while. All of them, from the basic Royal Guards to both personal sets of guards for Luna and Celestia. Spoilers, but nothing major or really anything you can figure out unless you’ve already read the story up to that point.

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Worldcon 2016 recovery

Got back yesterday. Kinda just zoned out at the computer the evening of my return. Also tried to not think about the 137 (141 when I checked back a bit after writing this) item notification list waiting on FimFiction. All in all, a decent trip. Not as good as last years. Mostly the con was a lot slower and breakdown had me and my dad snapping at each other once. Mostly my fault, but still should have focused on the work. That end of things combined with terrible sleeping for the days back (and almost meeting another friend from online but that bit getting trashed due to external factors) meant the return trip was kind of miserable. Anyway, back to the usual grind. Hopefully I can pop myself into a writing groove sometime soon even if the trip was a utter failure at that. Having a smartphone that actually is semi-useful for internet access is a big distraction.

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Worldcon 2016 Sunday

Woo! As of writing this the con is over, everything is packed up, and I’m at a hotel after 2-3 hours drive away from Kansas City. Two wonderful hours of just me alone in the car. I’m really not built for living with other people.

Anyway, last day of the con was kinda dead. We had around a half-dozen people buy stuff. Worst day of the con. In fact the worst Sunday of any con we’ve gone to.Sure it was the Sunday of a five day con, but a good amount of people that shopped Saturday were people that showed up Friday night I bet. Just seems like most of the attendees decided Sunday just wasn’t worth the effort or something.

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Worldcon 2016 Saturday

Yesterday’s late post.

Best day of sales so far, but only barely. This con has been really slow. Half or even one-third as much daily business as last Worldcon. But enough about business. Today I’ll be on the road again, but here are pictures of a very talented plush hedgehog.

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