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Pony Stories 233

More ponyfic reactions and/or reviews. Haven’t been expounding on my thoughts as much recently. Combination of not being grabbed by most of the stories and just the general depression thing. So all of these are really short, and tomorrow’s as well most likely. Might also be a sign that I’ve become too jaded for finding interesting bits in ponyfic. At least I’m reading and enjoying more stories. Plus I got this done and scheduled ahead of time, so that’s good! Three reviews below the break.

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Pony Stories 232

A backlog of reviews is not as helpful when they are written on pieces of paper. Paper will not automatically upload to the blog. At least not until someone perfects Paper 2.0 anyway. Until then I still have to either remember to write up the post during the day, or rush to the computer right before falling asleep to bash it out then. Today you get the latter.

Some blog trivia. One of the top searches that brought someone to my blog is: what’s up with lunas main. Also it looks like I’m getting around 75 visitors a day. Hello everyone. That’s quite a bit considering I’ve only be doing this regularly for a couple of months. Even better when you consider I started this blog as a RPG info site for me and my local group, and then started posting reviews on it without telling anyone about it as practice for putting my writing out where someone could read it. Then some people actually found it and started to read it and I almost hid under my table until they went away. But enough chit-chat. Two ponyfic reviews below the break.

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Pony Stories 231

It begins! Well, I’m sure something is beginning somewhere. Actually, the Rainbow Rocks movie came out the day I wrote this. Which is actually yesterday from when it is scheduled to run. So I’m reminded of my position on that movie. The art style still kinda weirds me out. That’s why I didn’t see the first one. However, I’ll see this under two conditions. That Vinyl Scratch being oblivious to the Villain’s big mind-zap musical number is a major plot point. Or if Sunset Shimmer is the main character for at least half of the movie, with Twilight Sparkle not showing up until sometime after the halfway point. I suspect neither of these are true. If one or the other is, I’ll see the movie eventually. If they both are true I’ll go see it in the theater. And that fills up a decent sized intro paragraph. With pony content even. Below the break is another three ponyfic reviews.

Is it just me, or did the notification emails from FimFiction get a lot fancier recently?

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Pony Stories 230

I’ve got a backlog again! Woohoo! Brushing up against the 1k self-imposed limit on my to read list got me reading for an entire afternoon. Which was nice since it got me away from the computer. Which I desperately need these days. Got something of an addiction being online these days. Ponies. Is there anything they can’t do?

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Book: Dungeons and Dragons and Philosophy

Dungeons and Dragons and Philosophy: Read and Gain Advantage on All Wisdom Checks (The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series)

This was not what I had imagined. The DM for my current weekly D&D group is the editor of this book, so I’ve been hearing about it for a while. However he had been referring to it as ‘his book’ so I thought he was the author and that it was a book full of his musings. I consider him an intelligent guy that is well-educated in fields I’m interested it, so I was looking forward to a whole book from him. So kind of disappointed when it turned out to be a series of essays by lots of different people. He does have one essay, and I think it was the most concisely written, but it was only one of 15 essays.

However, the content itself was quite good. Basically they are all using D&D and D&D concepts to introduce philosophy to the reader. It is all very entry level stuff. I’m sure that someone like self-proclaimed philosopher InquistorM would find it fairly simplistic. Even I found it shallow in places. I spend a lot of time thinking about most of the subjects they cover, and just on my own had gotten further than the essays cover. I’m betting it would be a good introduction to people that don’t think about that sort of thing. The writing quality varies but is above average to pretty good. The D&D references varied as well from simple name and term uses to actually talking about the game itself.

I would recommend this. Certainly to anyone wanting a gateway book for philosophy, morality, and related topics. Even people not needing the entry level stuff might find it interesting to read. I certainly did even though I didn’t get much from it either knowledge or thought-provoking ideas. The amazon look inside feature will let you check out the table of contents, so you should certainly go do at least that much.


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