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Pony Stories 622

Playing Fallout 4 for the billionth time has got me playing a cynical hard-bitten veteran of the wastes. Most unexpectedly. I’m just so tired of hearing the repeated dialogue over and over for certain things that I just kill the person I know is the bad guy before he even gets his first line out. Which is understandable from a game perspective I guess. I just consider what it looks like in the world itself. The player character walks in, shoots someone with no explanation, moves on. Works out to be a pretty good mentally scarred survivor. Plus I’m a mutant cannibal, so I’m enjoying it.

  • Ageless, or Celestia Plays Dice With the Universe by Cynewulf
  • A Flim Flam Family Affair by bookplayer
  • Trixie’s Wings by JP Sanders

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Pony Stories 621

Well, I’ve managed to recover probably 2/3rds of my XCOM2 soldier pool. Minus a lot of little tweaks, but I can tweak all over again. The real sucky part was that for the last couple of days I’ve been thinking of making a export file to share with people of all my stuff. If I had done that I wouldn’t have lost anything. So… One again I get the eternal reminder that I should backup my digital work on a regular basis.

  • Sweet Escape by Bob From Bottles
  • Death of a King by DeathFox4
  • The Dangers Of Teleporting While Intoxicated by naturalbornderpy

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Pony Stories 620

So, I had a thought that the weird shooting through walls and floors in XCOM2 might be caused by one of my mods. It got real worse fairly recently after all. So I did my usual mod-clean procedure that I have used on Skyrim (and now Fallout 4) many times. Uninstall the game and then delete all the remaining folders related to it so that none of the mod files or stuff unaffected by the default install can affect the new install. Then re-install the game.

Only this has a new step. When about to re-install it, remember that you had some wonderful work in the character pool and you are pretty sure that doesn’t get synced up with Steam so you just deleted 2-3 dozen amusing XCOM2 soldiers you put a decent amount of creative effort into creating. Damnit! Well, I got a deleted file recovery program that manage to grab some of the files I remember being in that folder. I just have no idea if the one I think is the main one has the custom stuff in it. At least I’ve got a decent amount of screenshots of the ones I made that I can hand-copy the amusing bios from. Screenshots for steam games are in their own folder and are completely unrelated to the actual games. Still sucks though.

  • The Gathering by Bad Horse
  • SciTwi Asks Sunset Shimmer About Pony Biology by Sporktacles
  • Sunset Shimmer Lends Pinkie Pie the Wrong Thumb Drive by Sporktacles
  • Sunset Shimmer’s Amusing Adventure into Pony Princess Perversity by Sporktacles

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Pony Stories 619

Another day, another couple of ponyfic reviews.

  • On or Off? by TheLoveless
  • Silver Glow’s Journal by Admiral Biscuit
  • Protagonist by CCC
  • Twilight’s Strange New Illness by keulan742

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Pony Stories 618

Given one of the more recent episodes I decided to read the unappreciated in it’s own time ponyfic titled Luna Just Learned About The Play “A Hearth’s Warming Carol” by Singularity Dream. Okay, okay, not unappreciated. Several people liked it and more importantly I had fun writing it. I was just as amused this time through as well, so nothing to be ashamed about even if the technical quality wasn’t even up to my best. I still think the whole thing is hilarious.

  • An Old Coot by Bachiavellian
  • Fork Everything by Casca
  • They Live on in These Parts by FanOfMostEverything
  • Beauty, Books, and Butterflies by Rough_Draft
  • Becoming Them by PaulAsaran

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