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Pony Stories 644

Found this when looking at old review posts. I found it hilarious:

The whole Captain of the Royal Guard and Prince of the Crystal Empire bit (which appears to be what’s also happening in the show) strikes me odd though. I’m assuming the Captain of the Royal Guard is the post he held in Canterlot. Apparently, Shining Armor is a Bethesda RPG protagonist, being able to maintain several very high ranks in multiple organizations.

Anyway, today’s review:

  • The Fated Hour by Titanium Dragon

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Pony Stories 643

Spreadsheets. Nothing but spreadsheets. Which is how I feel anytime I spend a hour or two working on the big master review list. Today I decided to be a bit selfish and added a good number of reviews of my own to the list. I normally do them after everyone else is caught up, but decided to jump the queue this time and there wasn’t anyone who could stop me!

  • Sunny’s Days by Anzel

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Pony Stories 642

Not doing great with daily posts, but doing alright with posting on a regular basis so it’s kind of a wash. Also chipping away at the big master review list. Mostly when I can’t sleep. Also got my new phone finally working! Turns out to have been a stupid bureaucracy mix-up on the service provider end of things. That I may have actually caused. So now I can play Pokemon Go to my hearts content. Not that I actually like the game that much. It has almost no actual gameplay, or story, and what little game is there is mostly just Pavlovian addiction stuff. Not that those bits are all that out of place for a Pokemon game mind you, but still. Also I’ve only ever really played the first Pokemon game, so can’t really comment on where the games have gone since then. Mostly I’m using it as a hack for my brain. One of the reasons I suck at exercise is that I just can’t handle just going out and walking around for no real purpose. Same with just getting outside. I need a reason, like walking to the train station to go into Boston once a week, things like that. Which Pokemon Go provides quite well, so time to see if I can leverage the addictive non-game to exercise and get happier and healthier.

Until then, let’s fulfill values through friendship and ponies.

  • Friendship is Optimal: Veritas Vos Liberabit by Skyros

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Pony Stories 641

Got a new phone recently. Fancy new smartphone. New gadgets always nice. I’ve been ponifying it up of course. Decided to try Fluttershy ringtones and notifications and all that. I had named the phone Ministry of Arcane Sciences when I first got it, since I’ve been naming my devices for Fallout Equestria ministries. My mini-tablet was Ministry of Wartime Technology. Now I’m considering switching the phone over to Ministry of Peace due to the Fluttershy focus of the sounds. Of course I’ve got either a Princess Celestia or a Princess Luna image as the phone wallpaper, so it’s not mono-pony in any respect.

Lyra and Bon Bon Drive to Trotcon by Admiral Biscuit

Exactly what the label says. Two ponies driving to a con in a van while trying to read highway maps.

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Pony Stories 640

Played a bit of Factorio recently. Fun game, for a bit anyway. I’m not sure how much replay value there is at the moment. There doesn’t seem to be much point without some kind of goal. Even in Minecraft, which is somewhat similar in that it is a freeform game of building stuff, has exploration in it. That was one of the best things about it for me even. Seeing what new landscapes and areas I could find. Or build stuff of aesthetic value to look at. That sort of thing. Factorio doesn’t have either exploration (of any real degree) or being able to build visually interesting structures. So I looked to see if there are any mods that might add some depth and function to the game. There is! In terrible organization and installing them is easy, but annoying to run. I ended up giving up without seeing much change in my game. Reminds me of just how easy and neat Skyrim and Fallout4 mods over on the Nexus pages are to find and use. The game is still in early access, so not actually a complete game yet. If it hadn’t been on sale and cost like 4 bucks I wouldn’t have gotten it.

  • Scootalift by Estee

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