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Gravedigger ebook release

Finally got my second actually published story out. Had been hoping to get this out months ago, say soon after this post, but my authorial virtues do not include brisk writing or editing. It’s only due to the determined efforts of my publisher that I got it out at all. Which, mind you, was while my publisher is struggling with another author’s actual full-length novel physical hardback release.

Gravedigger, the first story set in the world of Broken Gods can be purchased for your kindle here. It is a proper short story of only five thousand words or so and was something of an experience to try a slightly different writing style.

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Broken Gods Intro

This is the first intro I wrote for my Broken Gods setting. It might not be accurate anymore, or might be just what PCs living in that world believe. This was the first and one story and one class came from this, hopefully to be followed by more. Some later material might contradict what is in here, but I don’t intend to change this. For in a world where the gods broke reality to kill each other with the sharp edges of the world, accuracy is fleeting.

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Gravedigger Class

This is a RPG content post. Been a while since I’ve done one of those. Mostly because I haven’t been gaming in a long time and therefor don’t need to give players setting information and any thinking I do on the subject of tabletop gaming has just sort of been running around in my head with no place to go. I can only tweak and invent stuff for so long without a game to try it out in before I’m just running in circles.

However, since the next story I am publishing as a ebook is not only set in the last campaign setting I ran a game in, but involves one of the primary classes in the future campaign worldbook, I figured I would post this. This is a character class using the random table method of advancement as seen here and here. I’ve decided that this is a pretty cool way to make one character different from the other and a great way to cram a lot of interesting ability ideas into a single class without making it confusing and overpowered. Sure there are about 25 class powers, bonuses, and whatnot for the class, but any particular character is only going to end up with some of them. This a class for Classic Dungeons & Dragons type games and should be fairly compatible with almost any class-based D&D ruleset. Be sure to tweak to match your game for best results.

To get the full flavor and more setting information, look forward to the digital release of the book Gravedigger on Amazon. Coming soon.

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