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Pony Stories 668

Huh. So I’m at that point where none of my video games are really grabbing me. Which happens from time to time. Just annoying. I might have to, you know, actually do something productive just to fill up my time. Which would be terrible. Or awesome? It wouldn’t be the first time boredom had driven me to do actual work and/or creative stuff.

So how ’bout that finale, huh? The throne that eats magic was a pretty cool worldbuilding thing. The fact that it absorbed all magic but one type makes me think of some really cool things. Like the creatures were somehow created or corrupted by the stone? Anyway, decent end of the season even if there are a ton of stuff I’d do different. Most of which wouldn’t fit in the time they had. So, ya’know, that’s probably one good reason I’m not in charge of cartoon show production.

  • The Laughing Shadow by Merc the Jerk

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Pony Stories 667

So, how about that season 6 finale? Pretty nifty. I think it would have actually worked better with even more time. Like a full movie. Getting more reformed villains, like Gilda and grabbing Sunset Shimmer from the other side of the mirror would be neat.

  • Winter Chocolate by Jupiter VII
  • Ferris Wheel by SugarPinkieVA
  • On Neutral Ground by RadiantBeam
  • One True Place by Silent Earth

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Pony Stories 666

The number of the beast! I guess, by In Nomine rpg rules this is an incredibly successful event influenced by Satan himself. Neat! So I am catching up on the show of ponies and gotten to the Los Pegasus episode. The moment when Applejack hears the voice of FlimFlam is just hilarious. How her expression and eyes react to hearing it and recognizing it is kind of amazing. In the episode where Starlight Glimmer mind controls most of the mane six, there is a Predator movie reference. Hee. Also, I have to imagine that at some point after the episode wraps up at least one pony will say something along the lines of: “I really wish this was the first time I’ve have mind-altering magic used on me by a neurotic unicorn trying to impress their mentor”.

  • Nothing is Constant by Cynewulf
  • If You Tarry ‘Til You’re Better by Cynewulf

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Pony Stories 665

I’m currently like ten episodes behind on the show, but I recently watched all four movies. Personal favorite: Rainbow Rocks, Best use of continuity: Legend of Everfree, Most wasted potential: Friendship Games. I really should get caught up with the show. I mean, the season finale and everything happened. Anyway, three of the four movies are basically about powerful equestrian magic causes insanity. More or less. So… How certain are we about Princess Celestia’s mental stability? Or is her calmness because she really isn’t that powerful? I mean, Discord is the most powerful creature around and he was/is bonkers. Also, I really didn’t like Filthy Rich as the villain in Everfree. Even if it was just kinda off-screen.

  • Midnight Oil by The 24th Pegasus
  • The Shirt by Twelve Song

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Pony Stories 664

Sometimes I run across something that I used to do, webcomics I followed regularly when I was younger, anime series I haven’t though of in a while that I liked a lot, stuff like that. I wonder what I’m focused on now will fall by the wayside in the passing of time. Ten years down the line will I think about pony fanfiction? Then, in this particular case, I realize I’ve been maintaining a spreadsheet of pony fanfiction reviews for like 4 years at this point and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be stuck in my head for a good long time. Even if my energy wavers up and down for doing stuff.

  • The Great Thaw by RadiantBeam
  • Colors of the Soul by Monochromatic

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