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Samurai Jack season 5

I just finished the last episode of the recent season of Samurai Jack. Also finished up the rewatch of the old stuff before I did the new season in two sittings (plus the last episode a day later). So, spoilers for the finale episode and probably various episodes of both recent and classic Samurai Jack.

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Pony Stories 749

I decided to read Life and Times of a Winning Pony again, since I had the nice new hardback version. I must admit that the story has grown on me. I enjoyed it more this time than I remember how I reacted the first time I read it. I mean I got it not because it’s one of my favorites, but because I consider it the best example of fan fiction and source material overlapping. Plus it is decently written quality-wise. Just not one of my favorites. I like the Freeport stories the author does more. Still, I’m glad I got it and read it again. I find it interesting to see how my reactions to things changes over time and experience. I’m tempted to go back in the blog archives to see what I wrote down about the story the first time I went through it.

  • The Commander’s Shilling by Carabas
  • Jugemu by PresentPerfect

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Samurai Jack

Almost done with my re-watch of the show Samurai Jack. Once again I’m reminded of just how good it was. It really was a work of art. Sure, not perfect. Often had trouble with human faces not looking quite right. Yet it was such a beautiful show most of the time.

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Pony Stories 748

So, Fallout: Equestria 3rd printing is already showing up on Ebay. Those people have no patience. Also the guy asking for 1200 bucks is a bit optimistic. I was going to wait a year or two for things to settle down before selling mine. Guess I’ll see how the guy putting one up for 400 bucks does. Huh, taking another look it’s the same guy. So he’s just playing the long odds to see how it sells. I’m also once again reminded of my loathing of dust jackets for books. They look nice and all with the art, but holy crap they get in the way when actually reading the book.

  • Reformation of the Hives by Law Abiding Pony

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Pony Merchandise 2

Two book print projects, started months apart, ordered and paid for months apart. Both got delivered within two days of each other. The universe is weird. Today’s venture into fandom and capitalism is my copies of the 3rd printing of Fallout: Equestria. Of which I ordered four. One for me. Two to sell later. One for contest/giveaway/gift/etc. Mostly because before the 3rd printing was announced copies of the 1st and 2rd printings were going for around 400 bucks a pop on ebay. Then again, I did grab a copy of the 2nd printing for around 90 bucks a little after the 3rd printing orders were happening so bonus! I might even get one copy of each printing just to feel like a real collector or something. Also, minor spoiler warning in that the last two pictures have a few paragraphs of actual story that may or may not spoil things if you haven’t read the story. Then again, a handful of random paragraphs in the middle of a 600 thousand word story is a drop in the bucket.

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