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Pony Stories 312

Okay, pretty sure the big master list is all caught up. At least for everyone I’m keeping track of at the moment. Assuming none of you other reviewers puts out a review today. Last day of the year, time to think ahead. I’m thinking that I’ll try to be a little more ambitious with the blog. Managed to do daily updates for a while now, which has actually been a nice boost to my self-confidence. So time to see if I can do daily updates with actual structure. Not to mention try to do daily updates of my old stuff over on FimFiction as well.

Big Master Review List stats: Total Authors: [1615], Total Stories [3516], Total Reviews: [5464]

Stories reviewed below the break:

  • Prelude To Change by Goldfur
  • Change of Life by Goldfur
  • Conversations in a Canterlot CafĂ© by Goldfur
  • Lamppost by Lapis-Lazuli and Inky J
  • The Changeling Trials by PastCat
  • Fluttershy Looks For Mr. Turkey by Ephraim Blue
  • Edited By by TheBandBrony
  • This Fragment of Life by Loganberry

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Pony Stories 311

Whew. Through all 60+ posts on fimfiction that popped up while I was away. Making pretty good progress on getting the big master review list up to date as well. Want it to be current for the new year. Also going to have a nice even number of my reviews for the end of the year, so expect the last day of the month to have a larger than normal number of reviews.

  • The Brightest and the Best by Pineta
  • Subconscious Desires by LuminoZero
  • Biased and Incomplete by DuncanR
  • Exs by Donraj

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Pony Stories 310

Well, back now. But pretty trashed so today just another blah one. At least I double checked the title this time. So there shouldn’t be any further destruction of the time-space continuum. At least not because of the blog. Tomorrow the long slog through everything I missed. Including the 59 notifications I’ve got over on FimFiction. Wonder if I’ll get caught up on the big master review list before the turning of the year.

Story reviews below the break:

  • Tethered by shortskirtsandexplosions
  • Plot Twist by Armalite
  • Never Truly Apart by Aurora Aura
  • Two Weeks by NotARealPonydotcom

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Pony Stories 28 (309)

Last day of the holiday trip. Hopefully things are fine and I haven’t missed talking about the alien invasion here on the blog while I’ve been away from my computer. So, assuming we haven’t found a new life in the off-world colonies, you get to hear my ramblings about a thought I had a week ago. Or just skip down to the reviews below. Anyway. I realized something a few days ago. As of writing this, since a few days ago from posting this I’ll have been away from my computer for a while. But I digress. I’ve always believe that online friendships and socializing whereas not the same thing, are at least as good as in-person relationships. At least in the non-physical aspects. But the ephemeral-ness of it has bothered me for a while. Data working against my beliefs, as it were. I just realized why it’s the case though. If I interact with someone at, say, school or work and we drift apart or whatever. I still have to interact with them at least in a polite passing-in-the-hallway fashion. Online this is not the case. If I drift apart from, say, pony reviews and stop doing this blog and don’t go to FimFiction anymore, all you people just poof. Didn’t really have any deep insight or anything. Just gotta fill up the intro space and it was a realization I had a while back.

Tomorrow should be back to normal. Which means adding all the reviews popping up while I was away to the big master review list.

Stories covered below the break:

  • Through Glass by Titanium Dragon
  • A Moment in the Sunlight by ArcheonZ
  • Diary of the Stalked by The Lunar Samurai

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Pony Stories 308

Ah ha! I just remembered what I was going to write in one of these at the beginning of me preparing and scheduling the posts for my vacation. I’ve been re-reading a few stories from a series I liked and now have to add it to the pile of mainstream fiction that ponyfic has ruined for me. So much exposition and setup. Just get to the good parts! Doesn’t help that the author is one that did a bit too much exposition for my tastes even when I was first reading them. You’d think that by book 15 of a series he’d start assuming the readers knew some of the basic stuff. Nope. At least he stopped putting in the explanation of his FTL travel in every single book. Of course, he only stopped that like around book 8 or 9.

Stories reviewed after the break:

  • Sprinkles by Corejo
  • I Missed You by LightningBass94
  • Drinking Alone, Except with Two by AcreuBall

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