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Pony Stories 704

Technically I got a new computer the day after my previous one died. It just took me a day to set it up and then I decided to let the posts already scheduled run. So glad I have family that both understands needing a computer and is able to afford to get me a new one on fairly short notice. Even has a better graphics card than the previous. So that’s nice. Not sure it was worth having the old one die, but now I can only transfer the stuff I need and cast off the digital buildup crud that had accumulated.

Also, huzzah! I can do links and formatting and stuff like a real blogger now.

  • 80 Days ‘Til the World’s Farthest Shore by Cynewulf
  • Around the World in 81 Days (And Other Problems Caused by Leap Years) by GaPJaxie

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Pony Stories 703

Yep, still the night of no computer. hopefully at this point in time, that is the point when this goes live and people can read it, the computer situation will be solved or at least figured out. If not, the sheet boredom might have forced me into productivity and actually improving my health, focus, and life in general. A horrible future to be sure.

Twilight Sparkle vs Exercise by JapaneseTeeth

Short and fluffy slice of life. Rainbow Dash calming down panicking Twilight Sparkle who feels like she’s a failure for over-preparing and possibly failing at exercise. Nothing much else to say. Doesn’t do much, but does it effectively. This would actually be a decent short episode in some respects.

A Curious Case of Immortality by billymorph

Hee. Quite enjoyed the Rarity here, and Twilight is pulled off fairly well. Another mostly fluffy slice of life. Though, much like the show, if one thinks about things too much it goes in weird somewhat dark places. Like, Rarity learns about the immortality spell Twilight put on her because of she gets hurt in a way that would have killed her and didn’t. So she goes to Twilight Sparkle to see what’s what and tell her that Twilight is overreacting. Except, you know, if Twilight hadn’t done that spell the thing would have killed Rarity. So Twilight kinda has a point. Until you remember that pony works on humor and cartoon violence so Rarity wouldn’t have gotten damaged that badly if she wasn’t immortal. The undying spell just gives the universe more leeway in comedic cartoon injuries.

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Pony Stories 702

Even besides the fact that I’m addicted to the Internet, not having my computer to use sucks. It is an extension of my brain and forced to go without it really does feel like my brain isn’t working. Think about something I want to look up, or play a game, or read the gaming blogs, all of that is just makes my brain trip and stumble when I go to do it and then remember my computer isn’t working. Still the night the video card crashed and figured I might as well type up a few more review posts for the next couple of days since I don’t have much else to do.

Two Mares and a Carpet Bag by Icenrose

Enjoyable. Not the best of the 80 Days stories, but I did like how the author portrayed both Starlight and Trixie. Not to mention that it had a really good look at industrialization in the pony world in a brief scene with Trixie and some steamship crew. The fact that this was only average for the 80 Days stories I read is really nice given how good it was.

Around The 80 World’s in a Day by hazeyhooves

I wanted this to be longer. It just needs more context. Some cool worldbuilding tidbits and some nice Twilight Sparkle point of view, but just too short to be a proper story.

Anypony For Doomsday by Phycokrusk

Hee. Oh, this one had me laughing. Reading it is worth it for Sombra’s interactions with Princess Cadance. Oh, and his first conversation with Shining Armor was hilarious too. A great comedy.

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Pony Stories 701

Well, typing this up on my phone. Bluetooth keyboard and phone really. Because my computer decided life was too hard and cut out on me. Pretty sure it’s the video card. The computer sounds like it is booting up fine (the right beeps and whirring noises in the case) but the monitor shows nothing. Same with a different monitor. Guess I should be glad it didn’t happen two days ago when I was working on catching up with the BMRL. So, time to figure out how to get a functional computer then. So, armature (amateur?) statistics from the BMRL will be delayed. Probably good that I am forced to take a few days break from Fallout 4, I guess.

For now, pony fanfic reviews from stuff I read a while back. Without fancy links to the stories because that is a pain to do on the phone.

Starlight Glimmer is the Best at Friends by Majin Syeekoh

Amusing in a light and fluffy way. Certainly worth a read if you liked the story description. Very much a what you read is what you get.

The Great Snowball War by Ponibius

Not bad. I liked the characters involved, but I think the actual narrative gets a bit carried away sometimes. I really want to read more about the main character though, she’s hilarious and interesting.

Is It Real? by Majin Syeekoh

Not bad. Good enough story, but the basic premise of Princess Celestia’s reply bothered me a little. The difference between history and myth and all that. I would put the events of Hearth’s Warming Eve as history, but apparently Princess Celestia prefers to treat it as myth. Stories like this make me feel like I agree with the people who see Princess Celestia as incompetent.

(Edit: The author rightfully points out that I was a little harsh on the story. Celestia does not say it is a myth, she purposefully leaves it neither confirmed nor denied because the point is that the spirit of the holiday should not dependent on the facts of the original legend. Turns out myth is one of those things I’ve got a skewed definition of in my personal vocabulary and need to be a little more precise in it’s use in the future.).


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Pony Stories 700

Again, I’ve possibly read far too much pony fan fiction. So I should get back to more serious literary works! Which is why I’m re-reading the Narbonic webcomic. Does that count? I’m saying it counts. Now for six of the shortest reviews of ponyfic I’ve got in my backlog.

  • Relinquishing by Chris
  • Sunset Shimmer is Perfect by DrakeyC
  • Electra Complex by Majin Syeekoh
  • The Random Royal Funeral by Darth Link 22
  • The Friendship Contest by Seventh Heaven
  • “Shining? You Think Mom And Dad Might’ve Been Kidnapped By Ninjas?” by naturalbornderpy
  • Littering by Teal

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