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Pony Stories 567

So much pony fan fiction. I’d forgotten what it’s like to chew through a dozen pony short stories in two days. Once again running into the weird fact that I read short stories slower than I read long stories. Like, same word count, but the starting and stopping of the short stories means I can’t just settle into a groove. I have more sympathy for my computer which takes longer to copy lots of little files than a big file of the same size. But enough about that. Have my reactions to another three Sunset Shimmer stories.

  • Sunset Shimmer the Siren Slayer by Chinchillax
  • Love Twiangles by Oroboro
  • Why Do I Like Horse Women? by Chengar Qordath

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Sunset Shimmer story idea

Still in the midst of a Sunset Shimmer reading marathon. Currently going through a longer one that is okay. I had a shipper moment were in the first couple of chapters I totally expected Rarity and Sunset Shimmer to hook up during the story. Based on like a unfounded assumption from two brief moments during the first three chapters. Anyhow, at the moment the story is going through Sunset Shimmer’s backstory. Poor family, focused on studies, met Cadance and hated her. Somewhat typical. This is the second or third story where Sunset Shimmer hates Cadance for being an Alicorn and generally being happy and cheerful. So I had this thought about a story idea. Cadance/Sunset romance piece. Where Sunset and Cadance get along great, Sunset develops a crush, then Shining Armor steals Cadance away (from Sunset’s perspective) and that is what drives Sunset into maniacal evil. Can even have a scene where the previous lunar alignment has Sunset Shimmer coming back to Equestria for a weekend to see how things have changed, tries to meet Cadance and maybe mend some fences. Which just so happens to be during the time Queen Chrysalis has replaced her so the meeting goes very poorly and is the beginning of Sunset plotting to steal the element of magic and conquer Equestria.

Hm. The more I think about it, the more ideas I come up with it. Instead of Sunset Shimmer being jealous of Cadance being an Alicorn we get her inspired by someone else attaining that status and setting it as a goal for herself. I mean, given that the kingdom only has had one Alicorn Princess for a thousand years it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that it isn’t something that can be earned. Fold in that we could have Sunset Shimmer and Celestia be close enough for Celestia to tell her about Luna, so Sunset gets romantic ideas about Cadance and her being a pair together as well. Ruling Cadance’s kingdom (whatever it turns out to be) as diarchs like Celestia and Luna did for Equestria in ancient times. Which in turn gives Sunset Shimmer a bit more character in that she’s a romantic of the older times. Not getting along with other ponies not because of studying too hard, but because she romanticizes and idealizes the ancient past. Modern things are just too flimsy and frivolous. Which makes her less of a mirror of Twilight Sparkle but I consider that a good thing. Have the thematic tie between the two be Princess Celestia instead of a close similarity in their own characters. Something about how Princess Celestia shines so bright that if you spend time around her the rest of the world fades in comparison. Not anything she does on purpose. Just that a millennia old demigod whose will moves the heavens is a bit of a hard act to follow for anypony. That only by getting away from Princess Celestia can her students really come into their own. Sure, for one it was turning into a demon and almost conquering two worlds and the other was moving to a small town and making friends. The point would be that if they had stayed in Canterlot studying (or working with) Princess Celestia they would never have accomplished great things and the few things they did manage to accomplish would be remembered as Princess Celestia’s work.

Once again I’m annoyed that I’m pretty good with ideas and themes, but I still lack the experience and skill to actually build a story out of what I come up with. Maybe I should attempt to devour one of the better writers in a occult ceremony to gain their powers?  …..No, wait, that’s a bad idea. Pretty sure Cold in Gardez can take me in a fight.

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Random rambles

No pony reviews today. Just random rambling about a blog post over on FimFiction. Flee now or face my diluted opinions mixed with links to other people talking about various things. Addition after I mostly finished typing this all up: Huh. That turned out to be even more incoherent than I expected. So, double beware I guess.

So I just finished reading the comments for this post about art from Bad Horse. About a week old at this point. The comments veered a bit away from the main subject matter of the post but were still interesting to read. Ah, the joy of reading intelligent people (many of which are better educated than I) politely argue points.

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Pony Stories 566

Been playing XCOM2 a bit too much. It’s really good. If you liked the previous XCOM: Enemy Unknown you’ll probably enjoy this. It’s better in every way. Plus it’s got my favorite game! Mods! Unlike Skyrim or Fallout I’ve actually spent more time playing the game than modding it, so that’s a plus. Cool new features include: Civilians on terror missions have their own names. Can customize and save soldiers you like to a character pool that is added to random recruits in future games, and you don’t have to just wait around for things to happen on the world map anymore.

  • Drawing Conclusions by blue harvest
  • Pigeon Toes by blue harvest
  • You Can Lead Your Bacon Horse to Water… by shortskirtsandexplosions

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Pony Stories 565

This hasn’t happened for a while! All caught up on the big master review list and having enough focus to want something else to fiddle with. Back in the day I’d look for more reviewers to add, but that’s gotten harder at late, or see how I can improve or just alter the list itself. The one thing I want to do with the list I have no idea where to even start looking, so that’s off the table. So I vaugely remembered this post about ranking people based on their follower’s followers. Since I only have a handful of followers on FimFiction, but most of them are cool dudes with good follower counts, I decided to see what my score on that metric is.

What is my follower’s followers count? The amount of followers people who follow me have, or at least those that have more followers than I do. I’m writing the word followers so much that it’s starting to become meaningless. Followers followers followers. Huh. Anyway, my count is: 40,626. Which is pretty impressive. At least for someone who only has one story up and occasionally reposts content from this blog over there. Though I’m planning on doubling my story count sometime in the next week! First chapter and mark it incomplete because I’m still working on the second one. Gotta see what all the other authors like about that ‘incomplete’ status. Maybe after that I can try out the hiatus and cancelled story states for the full experience.

Oh, hey, today begins my dive into Sunset Shimmer stories. It’ll take a few days.

  • Farm Work by Admiral Biscuit
  • “It Felt….Amazing.” by Gapeagle
  • She’s Dazzling by ellie_

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