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Pony Stories 756

If you like the Big Master Review List and would like to help motivate me to keep working on it, check out this post over on FimFiction. Most of you have probably already read it. It’s about replacing my missing internal motivation with external motivation. Now, for words about ponywords. Two short reviews below the break.

  • Window Dressing by JapaneseTeeth
  • Sunset’s Rarity. by JediWyrm

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I’ve actually gotten motivated enough to do a bit of writing related work! Woo! Nothing major, but did a bit of work collecting my notes and written scenes for the second chapter of my second pony fanfic. Ponyville Chess Club and Mail Swap, for those who might be interested. Very much slice of life with some amusing dialogue (or so I hope), but certainly not my best work. Was very much a ‘publish now or it sits forever at the bottom of a pile’ situation.

Anyway! That wasn’t what I wanted to talk about with this intro ramble. One of my brief margin notes was about pony chess sets. I figured that the setup would be two alicorns for the king/queen, with the three supporting pieces to each side would be Pegasus, Unicorn, Earth Pony. For the knight, bishop, and rook respectively. Each very much a noticeable ideal/example of each tribe of pony. While the pawns would be more generic ponies, often either a tribe the craftsman liked or didn’t like. Noble soldiers or expendable pawns sort of deal. Modern Equestrian boards would have royal guards for pawns.

Just did a update to the big master review list. I’ve been doing one or two review links in another spreadsheet for a while and after a whole bunch of them I decided it was time to copy them over and clean up all the duplicates. Which lead to me realizing that the numbers I got rid of for efficiency reasons were how I planned to handle all the upkeep. Whoops. So reverted back to them. Pretty sure the sheet was a bit faster without them all. So the other pages with all the fancy stats will stay away for now.

The ‘e’ key on my keyboard is sticking. Which makes typing presentperfect kind of annoying. Also, the story S̼̹̫̟͇̱͖͌ͩ̇̅͐̕h̸̬͚̗̿u͓͖̮͐̉̅ͧͪ͟b̰͡-̡̣̈́̈͂C̺̜ͥ̉ͮ̇͡a̱̾ͩ̒ͧ̚͠d͔͕̣̙͗͒̊̎̍ͬ̕u͙̻̪̤̰͖͗͆ͧͤ̕r̴̥̤̩̺̹͍̂͒ͩ̈̒̇̚ͅa̺̳̖̥̦̱͚͐t͍̻̼ͧ̀ͅh̬̭̪͍͙̞̜ͯ̈ͧ̋ͦ̀ looks like a screen glitch when there is a duplicate so the title appears twice on the list.


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Big Master Review List rambles and request

So, I’m feeling a bit sluggish on updating the Big Master Review List. My enthusiasm has dimmed a bit. Not because I dislike it, but reached a bit of a plateau of effort/reward. At the current numbers:

  • Authors: 2842
  • Stories: 7161
  • Total Reviews: 12255

It’s kind of a drop in the bucket for each new review. With my lack of updates here on the blog I don’t have as much interaction with the pony social circle, which makes sense. Gotta update and be present for people to pay attention after all. Just isn’t helping my general sloth at the moment I guess. Not to mention it’s gotten big enough that my connection and/or computer actually has trouble loading it when I bring up the webpage. Most likely from all the cross-sheet formulas I’m using for the realtime stats. I’m still pretty proud of it, just… Lost that spark for the moment. Of course, 17 Fic Rec posts from PP is something of a looming obstacle as well.

So, a call out for a bit of inspiration. Anyone out there used and/or browsed the Big Master Review List in the last week? If people check it out even when it’s not being updated that would be a morale booster. My main motivation in life, such as my brain has motivation, is I like to be useful and helpful to other people in some small way.

On the plus side, the day this goes up on the blog I should be getting a shiny new smart phone. So I’ll have a couple of days (at least one day I hope) messing with the new gizmo. That is always a mood boost.


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Pony Stories 600

Big round number post! Let’s take a look at the big master review list numbers, shall we? Since I don’t have anything else for a big round number. Author’s covered on the list: 2,752, Stories reviewed: 6,907, Total reviews: 11,796. It still boggles my mind when I think about it since I know there are a whole lot I haven’t added. Sporadic work on the Goodfic Bin reviews. Rage Reviews are not covered. Plus all the video reviews of which there has to be at least a couple hundred. That’s a whole lot of words about ponyfic. Of that gigantic pile I’ve got 2045 reviews. Which covers all but three (maybe four?) pony fanfiction I’ve read. The exceptions being kink clopfic of kinks I enjoy. Just too embarrassed to share the kinks I enjoy in stories. Don’t think I actually enjoyed any of them though, so that’s a shame.

  • Twisting Between the Sheets by HoofBitingActionOverload
  • Princess Twilight’s Omnicultural Multi-ethnic All-encompassing Defense Force by Anatinus
  • Idols by BlazzingInferno
  • Legionnaire by The Lord Inquisitor
  • Pinkie Pie Has Infiltrated The Changelings’ Secret Base! by Estee

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Pony Stories 534

All done updating the big master review list with the backlog of the last couple of months. That took a while even in my new year rush of energy and productivity. I don’t think I mentioned it before, at least not precisely, but I’ve added a new feature to the list. Well, half of a feature. If you look at the bottom of the spreadsheet window you’ll see there is a second page. That has real time numbers on how many reviews each reviewer has done (which isn’t new) and it also has numbers for how many stories have how many reviews (which is new). As a feature it is only half done. I really want to figure out a way where I can display the overlap for reviews. How many reviews each story reviewed by a reviewer has. Man that was a tortured sentence. Guess I’ll just hope that the basic description and the visual layout of the spreadsheet can explain what I mean. If anyone knows how to put a formula in a spreadsheet cell that can search two cells on another sheet of the same spreadsheet I’d be happy to learn.

In fact, I’ve been doing more with the spreadsheet. Or at least plan to. There is another page that has all the reviewers on the list and their page links. Mostly the same information as on the big master list home page, but this is more convenient for me when it will be time to add new names to it. Soon, once again due to PresentPerfect (whose massive amount of reviews was what made me start the big master list in the first place) I will have a fourth page that will cover all the short story collection reviews. Which should also make my accounting of PresetPerfect’s review numbers a little more accurate when it is finally done.

  • Em Dash by Cloud Hop

Em Dash by Cloud Hop

Apparently I never typed up my reaction to this. Probably because it was one I read to my mom and I normally do that with stories I’ve already read, but this time it was new for both of us. Anyway. Was lots of fun, predictable but enjoyable comedy.