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Pony Stories 488

Woo! Found more pony reviews. One more day where I don’t have to think up something else to put in a post. Anyway, got around to watching Friendship Games. First off, I knew the other school was evil right when Human Twilight has her first musical number. A long musical number where not a single student comes in as even a backup vocal? Eeeeevil~. I also learned that watching a video of someone else’s video stream lagging is quite possibly one of the most frustrating things ever. Was pretty good movie, I mean, by the standards of cartoon non-pony mlp movies? At the finale I couldn’t help but think of a comment from fimfiction (I forget where I saw it exactly) about friendship and rainbow lasers being the same word. So I wanted something like this:

Sunset Shimmer: “But there is one thing you didn’t count on! Rainbow Laser!”
Pinkie Pie: “Aren’t you supposed to say friendship there?”
Sunset Shimmer: “Oh! Right! I meant you didn’t count on Friendship!”
Applejack: “How do you get those two things confused?”
Sunset Shimmer: “Back home it’s the same word! Your crazy human language is weird.”

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Pony Story 487

Just one sorta review today. It’s one of those where I took some notes while reading so I wouldn’t forget things. As I occasionally do with the longer stories I read. Tomorrow’s post will probably be a non-pony review. I’m out of those at the moment (I think? Sometimes they fall between the couch cusions) and the next pony fanfic I plan on reading will be The Immortal Game. I read it as one of the earlier ponyfics I stumbled across, exactly two years ago on this past Sunday. Or at least that’s when that review for it went up. It will be interesting to see how I react to it this time around with two years of brain stuffed full of pony words. Inspired, of course, by Loganberry’s coverage of his first read through it.

Besides the Will of Evil by Jetfire2012

Oh, and for late realizations, I just figured out why the fimfiction feed went berserk last night. Or the night before. I just remember looking at it and wondering what the heck caused like 30 notifications between dinner and me finally going to sleep. It wasn’t until the day after (today?) when I realized it was because of the movie. Doh. Moments where you really feel stupid. Because I had heard the movie came out, I just didn’t connect the two.

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Pony Stories 486

I’ll get around to reading those comments on yesterday’s post at some point. I hope. Stupid brain. Anyway, back to the normality of ponyfic reading material.

Guessing Games, or, How Many Changelings Fit In A Breadbox? by ErraticOverlord

Ouch. I will probably give the second chapter of this a try, but the alternating dialogue and attributions on separate lines is really disorienting. I have been doing something similar with a story I’ve been working on (non pony) and now I’m thinking about switching to more traditional form. Nothing like a really extreme version of one of your own quirks to out your writing style in sharp contrast.

The Lotus Eaters by horizon
Wow, review from way back in the far ago time. Found this on a random text document hidden away on my computer somewhere. Guess I’d better put it up.

Companion/sequel to No Regrets. Which I read again right before this and still find it a really good story. This one isn’t as good. Still good, just not up to the same excellence as No Regrets. Four chapters, of varying levels of me liking them. Most of them averaged out to okay. Basically getting me to read No Regrets again was the big success of this story. Though it’s still good enough to be entertaining itself. Just a read once story for me I think.


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Alicorn Retirement Home bits and pieces

The tricky part of getting my stuff edited is that I’m nearly phobic about showing my actual creative output to other people. One of the reasons I started writing on this blog way back when, actually. Trying to get used to other people actually seeing what I put out. Also the reason why I do the reviews I do, because if I tried to put more effort into the quality I would never get anything out because I occasionally have panic attacks thinking about people judging my stuff. But if I keep them casual and purposefully subjective, it avoids the whole being judged thing. Personal opinion and all that. Anyway, that’s why editing is tough for me on occasion. Getting someone else to look at my work is, well, it hits a lot of the annoying glitches in my brain.

So figured I’d side-step sending it out to anyone in particular and just make it just another blogpost. So here’s what I have for Alicorn Retirement Home so far (still a working title but I haven’t come up with anything better yet). Any thoughts, editing, grammar mistakes, whatever, would be appreciated. As detailed or vague as you want. My thoughts on format is going to be a intro chapter, which will be along the lines of the third section down there. Then each chapter will be a short scene/vinette with Luna talking with a relative or two. No actual story in mind, though might come up with one to work in there later. Much like my previous attempt Luna Just Learned About The Play “A Hearth’s Warming Carol” this would be just slice of life silliness.

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New Reviewers 24: The Review Of The Ooze

Once again, I didn’t actually look at my reviews before moving them from my review document to the post yesterday. Which meant I didn’t do the bit of editing I had planned to do and insert the actual name of the greatest Changeling fanfic ever. That’s fixed now.

Anyway, most of you already know about this wonder of reviewing. But he’s a new reviewer and I’ve got this Saturday¬† new reviewer slot to fill on my schedule. So, welcome Adventure Clyde.


Since most of you are already aware of that particular reviewer, I decided to go looking for more review sources to spread around. With the exciting and innovative method of going to FimFiction and just doing a search in blogposts for ‘review’ and seeing if anything on the first page of results looked unfamiliar. Even going to try and have them up on the big master review list by the time this is live on the blog. Here are the results:



Minds Eye


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