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Non-pony Review Tuesday #2

Today I’m gonna ramble about a few ebooks I grabbed samples of from Amazon. First 5% of the book or something like that? Trying to mix a bit of non-pony stuff into my reading material lately.

Lords of War (Star Crusades: Mercenaries Book 1) by Michael G. Thomas

On the plus side, unlike the last military SciFi I tried, this wasn’t shallow and cliche. On the other hand, the writing is very poor. Too explainy and more than once I literally had no idea who was talking or who they were talking too. In one case I didn’t even know what they were talking about. So, not recommended.

Hive by Tim Curran

This is how to do the start of a lovecraftian story. The prose is just the right tone and gives a sense of impending …something. I plan to get the whole story next time I’ve got spending money, so the sample worked. I suspect that the overall story will suffer from pacing troubles, but that’s just a guess based on how long it is and not quite sure the premise can be stretched over that and have stuff for a sequel, which I know there is.

Singularity by Joe Hart

Well, the first chapter/prologue had my attention. Two chapters later I’m bored and uninterested again. Not sure if I’ll try the full thing or not. I want to see how the stuff it started with turns out, but I don’t want to sit through half of a normal investigation story to get there.

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Pony Stories 372

Continuing to have dreams nearly every other night. Which is still weird, but I’m getting used to it. I have to say that having comedic dreams involving Rarity are much better than having dreams about my dad being disappointed in me. Plus I got a nearly perfect Pinkie Pie line that I really should have written down the moment I woke up so I didn’t lose the exact wording. Something about Rarity asking about if there was a hoofball game that night, something about maybe dating a hoofball player or fan, and Mrs Cake responding with something along the lines of “I didn’t know you were interested in hoofball. Pinkie says that on such short notice she can get you in the game as the quarterback with something to prove, or a halfback haunted by his past.” Or something like that.

  • Many Kinds of Love by LuminoZero
  • Seashell by Winston
  • The Sticky Showdown by ABagOVicodin

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Pony Stories 371

Titanium Dragon has moved up in the ranks! Overtaking the Louder Yay blog in number of reviews, he’s now up against the two big review groups and the efforts of JohnPerry.

  • Icky-Sicky Pinkie Pie by ThatOneWriter
  • Ought Not by Replicant
  • Worth It by Pascoite

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Pony Stories 370

Now, I know this can’t be canon. I checked. Unless the Celestia during the wedding party was some kind of stand-in golem. But… I had this random thought. If we’ve got Sunny Skies as Princess Celestia’s pink-haired alter ego… What if she’s got a pony identity for each color in her hair? And the blue one is a white unicorn DJ with blue hair? Hmmm… Wonder what the others would be.

  • Spitfire’s Day Off by Artimae
  • Like Flying by ProofNegative
  • Dinner with the Parents by Cyanblackstone

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Pony Stories 369

Started to watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure again. Mostly because it’s just so silly, yet so sincere. It’s basically hyper-sincere with everything it does. Over-the-top dramatics turned into an art form. I care nothing for the characters, but man is it fun to watch.

  • Destination Unknown by Pale Horse
  • Gazebo by NotARealPonydotcom
  • I Love You, Princess Luna by DontWannaKnow

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