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Pony Stories 465

Blah blah blah. Rambling into paragaph. Gotta get back into the groove for these things. Otherwise I might end up actually talking about useful and or insightful things above the break! Got enough ponyfic reviews to last for quite a while, so should be daily posting for at least a few weeks. Going to try to put some more R4 posts up on fimfiction as well. After I do the usual recent stuff linking for the trip and most recent reviews. That and writing comments for week-old posts over there that I’m just now reading. Hopefully that will continue with my efforts to write more. Also, my one pony fanfic got put into someone’s favorite bookshelf. So yay for that. Nice that it’s still spreading enjoyment.

In semi-related mentions, I’m going to be attempting to force myself to write a lot in the near future. Not anything in particular. Just going to try for a somewhat ambitious wordcount of output each day for a while to see if I can manage it. I was planning on probably putting some of it up here if I do anything interesting. Figured I’d ask if I should attempt ponywords for you people to enjoy, or stick to whatever random thing pops in my head each day for original stuff. Ponywords are more likely to be shown, though not edited obviously since it’s just a writing exercise.

Big Master Review List stats: Authors: [2332], Stories [5534], Total Reviews: [9002]. Put here for reference for when I get caught up so I can tell just how many reviews I missed over a 2-3 week period.

  • Yaks Not Ponies by Metool Bard
  • Yaks Are Jerks by Avox
  • Declaring War? Really? by Tawny Flower
  • Politics By Other Means by totallynotabrony

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Worldcon Roadtrip Final

Back home and got a full night’s sleep. After staying up too late on the computer of course. So easy to fall into bad habits when in the presence of temptation. Though I usually give myself a pass for the first day or two after a long trip. Overall the trip was good. Wish the last couple of days had been better, but they weren’t bad. Only real bad times were the visit to Seattle and the last hour driving home. I would not recommend driving unfamiliar New England streets late at night without a gps of some sort. Was not fun. But home now and hopefully will be able to use some of the writing momentum on the trip to keep writing. Certainly inspired to give it a good try anyway. Starting tomorrow we will be back to our normal content of first reaction reviews to pony fan fiction, and a few non-pony fiction as well.

Now to tackle the 245 items on my FimFiction feed. Just scrolling down to the stuff I remember is going to take forever.

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Worldcon 2015 Roadtrip day 5

Hopefully this is the second to last day. Should be getting home in the evening of the day this goes up on the blog. Today was a fairly normal day of driving. Lots of driving. Not sure if it’s my meds getting a bit unbalanced from mostly missing the afternoon dose during the trip, the fact that I’m not eating all that much, or what, but finally ready to be home. Miss my computer. Tired of being in the situation where if I want to do anything it takes away from driving time. Two person roadtrips are a lot better in that regard. Can just switch drivers and I could do some writing without delaying anything.

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Roadtrip 2 day 4

Just lots of driving. Didn’t worry about making time or anything. Not much anyway. Which, weirdly enough, meant I didn’t actually stop for long anyplace. I could have stopped for an hour for lunch to do some writing or reading, but decided not to. Sometimes my brain is odd in that I react to limitations by going against them. Have a time deadline? Stop at someplace for a while to stretch my legs and write a bit. No deadline? Stop only briefly for gas or to pick up food to eat while I drive. My brain really is contrary. Anyway, should be home in two more days. Looking forward to getting back to my own computer. Catching up on my webcomics, dealing with the backlog of Fimfiction feed items. Seeing just how many reviews I’ll have to add to the big master list. I suspect I’ll be behind on that for quite a while. Even missing video games a little, though I do have one or two on the mini tablet to entertain myself. Fallout Shelter mostly.

Random thought of the day. Well, yesterday but I only remembered and wrote it down today. What if the Changeling drones weren’t sapient? Like they were just mindless animals controlled by Queen Chrysaslis. Except for one little clue (the eye-roll at Pinkie Pie) there isn’t actually any evidence they are sapient. Could just be barely sentient animals for all we know. Was wondering if there was any fan fiction that approached the Changelings from that angle.

Mostly had that thought because that’s kinda-sorta what I’ve got as a monster/enemy in a series of fantasy short stories I’ve been working on off and on. One true person controlling a horde of mindless minion monster thingies. Mine is a form of necromancy, but not skeletons or pretty much any of the classic trappings.

Fimfiction feed item count: 213


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Roadtrip Return : Day …3? 4?

Things continue to go good. Detoured a bit south to pass through Colorado to meet up with a friend to hang out for a few hours. One of the few social acquaintances I really miss from when I lived in that area. The rest of my social circle I enjoyed spending time with, but were just friends as opposed to close friends. Seeing him is nice. Even if the fact that he’s married and has a kid is still a bit surreal. Part of my brain still has him categorized as the guy I hung out with and fooled around with in middle school and high school. This endless march of time and growing up is weird.

Tomorrow (today when this goes up) I start the relaxed part of the trip back. No deadline or scheduled stopping points. Just head east and north until I get back home on the east coast. I’ll know I’m getting close when I stop seeing the billboards for gun shops and gun shows.

Probably mentioned this before, but driving straight across the country was educational. Not in a big way, but just seeing how things change between the east coast and the Midwest was interesting. Both environmentally and culturally. It really does feel like two different places just from what I saw out the window driving along the highways. Kind of impressive the country keeps holding itself together as well as it does. Also, someone out there with a lot of money is really pushing anti-abortion message. I think I’ve seen at least 2-3 billboards against abortion every day out here.

It’s a complicated subject, so not going into it deeply. Just had to share one silly and amusing thought. The message on one was “I have fingerprints at 4 months old” or something similar. I forget the exact phrasing. My first thought when reading that was this: “Are you proposing some kind of unborn baby fingerprint criminal database to keep track of them?” The physical logistics of getting the fingerprints recorded are tricky, but not impossible. Then I realized that it was another anti-abortion sign and was disappointed.

Do ponies leave fingerprints? They can grab things with their hooves, but probably don’t have anything identifying them like fingerprints on a human. Wonder if they have to just stick with magical residue. Huh. Might have to think about that a little more. Maybe they just leave fur and tail hair as the analogue.

FimFiction feed is up over 200 items.

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