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Anime: Kakegurui

Superbowl Sunday! Where I, in honor of my Colorado anime club, watch some anime. Since this was the day it was founded. Watched the first episode of Terror in Resonance on Hulu. Was not impressed. Might have some potential, but nothing in the first episode made me want to watch more. So I went over to another series I’ve been wanting to check out: Kakegurui.

First off, so glad I’m not watching this one with my mom. I enjoy watching movies and anime with her but sexual stuff is just uncomfortable. Altered Carbon has had a bit of that. Kakegurui has lots of girls getting worked up over events in the show. Mostly because they are all insane. It has been interesting though. I do enjoy the occasional gambling anime where the main character uses their incredible wit to outmaneuver the opponent in overly dramatic ways. This one doesn’t even have the assumption of protagonist luck, except in one case. Which I appreciate. The art style is… good most of the time, but I have stylistic objections to certain expressions and emotional faces. Just look bleck to me. Mostly in the more realistic shots.

Either way, I’d recommend checking it out. The first episode is a pretty good snapshot of the show up to episode 7. Plus the opening should be checked out just on it’s own for the surreal beauty of it.

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Anime: Death Parade

I’ve been watching a bit more anime recently. Mostly as semi-background while I’m trying to write. I am a bit terrible at background shows/movies because I end up spending more time on the show than the primary activity. Anyway! I mostly just kinda watch either episodes of anime I know or random youtube stuff. Just so that it’s easier to ignore. Just recently I tried a random anime and got grabbed.

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Pony Stories 413

So, watching an anime called World Trigger. It’s been fun. Also a bit wacky since I’m pretty sure the team making it doesn’t know what they are doing. Not in a quality fashion, like they don’t know how to animate or write. In a more thematic fashion, like none of them have ever done a whole show or something and are just trying to fake it until someone figures it out. The show has been changing genres and focus every six episodes or so. Started out as monsters from another dimension with our heroes having superpowers. Then we had a training and tournament show for a couple of episodes, then laser sword battles and conspiracies and infighting in the organization, then large scale alien invasion, now less superpowers and more urban warfare with guns against monsters. At the moment we are in whatever genre Dragonball Z defines. Built-up battles that last an episode, from the middle of one episode to the middle of the next. With soooo much talking and explaining between the battles. Like I said, it’s been wacky trying to follow along. It’s one I’d recommend checking out, but keep in mind that the tone of the first few episodes does not continue.

  • The Mare in the High Castle by ponichaeism
  • Three of Hearts by Anzel
  • A Change in Three Parts by GaPJaxie

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No Reviews Tuesday #02

Having so many reviews and just cut-and-pasting them has gotten me complacent. Wasn’t sure what to put up today for so long that I almost completely forgot it. Ended up staying up late just trying to think of what to write up. In the end, that’s a good thing. One of the reasons to adopt a new weekly schedule was to shake things up and get me out of the rut after all. Normally I’d grab something else and pop it in here, maybe jump ahead to another day’s content, but I’m the person who likes the path of least resistance. So not going to do that. Good thing today is a fairly open day in the schedule. So I’m going to talk about an anime series I got for the winter gift-giving holiday. It’s one I’ve seen before, and in fact haven’t opened up the dvd case yet, but it’s one I really like and have seen quite a bit of.

So, go below the break to read me talking about Darker Than Black.

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Anime: Full Metal Alchemist

Just finished re-watching the original Full Metal Alchemist series. I’ve watched most of the series quite a bit, but I think I’ve only seen the whole thing two or three times counting this one. It’s still a really good series. The reason I like it, and didn’t like the Brotherhood version, is that there is a lot of ideas and meaning in it. The series is hardly perfect, but it deal with a lot of interesting things and uses themes and symbolism a lot. In a good way that is. Whereas the reboot series Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood was basically just a magic-and-monsters series. Anyway, figured I’d give my thoughts. I’ve been meaning to do another one of these anime posts and this is as good an excuse as any. Major spoilers below the break. Don’t read if you haven’t seen it. The summary is that if you haven’t seen this series you really should.

Why do I like it so much? Everything in it means something. The execution of it stumbles at times, and sometimes the meaning is shallow, but there is almost nothing in it that’s pure fluff. Most everything relates to or foreshadows or contrasts the main themes of the show. Except maybe the episode with the thief. That’s almost out of a different anime. Nearly everything is about something. Pondering one of the major themes, or bringing up a complimentary minor theme. The show covers loss, sacrifice, family, war, faith, and the costs and privileges of power. It also has explosions! And a cute puppy shows up in a couple of episodes.

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