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Bronycon 2018: one week to go

Woo! One week until I leave for the con. Looking forward to it. Not only did last year’s con hold back my depression for like three months after, I’ll actually be socializing more this time. Mostly because I have a car. So, it’ll be like high school all over again. Except I wasn’t the one with the car back then. Be cool to actually hang out with people instead of just kinda lurk nearby people.

Let’s see… I’m gonna be bringing my extra copies of Fallout: Equestria 3rd printing, & The Life and Times of a Winning Pony hardbacks. Just in case anyone there wants a copy and has the cash to buy ’em! Gotta get the money for my own dealer’s room splurges somehow! Hm. Might bring all the rest of my ponybooks. Maybe get ’em signed if authors are there. Or just to show them off. Or just have them displayed in my hotel room to be smug about without showing them to anyone. I’ve got a whole week to decide!

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Pony Stories 891

Bronycon schedule is apparently out. Only three panels I might even be interested in. Mostly because Bronycon doesn’t list panelists and I’m more interested in hearing specific people than specific topics. Oh well. Still, get hype for con! Still waiting for the supplies for the third present I’m scheming to give to semi-random people.

  • Meanderings by Merc The Jerk
  • Changes On Film by Jongoji245
  • Sometimes by Rose Quill

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Bronycon 2018 preperations

Everyone but Aragon keep reading. Aragon, um, nothing is here. Shoo shoo.

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Anime: Overlord

Well, messing around in Fallout 4. Even got past the installing mods part and now in the early part of the game where I’m struggling to get a settlement up and running. I’ve got two mods that make it really hard to get enough crops and clean water. Plus I don’t have any salvage beacon dispatchers so can’t loot everything not nailed down yet. Grr.

Enough about that, time for thoughts on anime I watched recently.

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New Vegas: final thoughts: part the 1st

Finished up with New Vegas. I actually finished the main plot a while back, but then reloaded my last save because I didn’t do any of the DLC. So now I’ve been through all the DLC except Lonesome Road. Just didn’t feel any urge to finish it and nothing would have changed the ending I got in the main quest so I just stopped. Figured I’d give my thoughts on the matter. Overall I’m more inclined to like it this time but it’s still not a game I will ever play again. Just didn’t have enough of what I enjoy in it. I wasn’t even looting for most of the game. Had too many caps, didn’t need ammo, and I liked my outfit and weapon just fine for like 2’/3rds my playthrough. Plus I didn’t do any crafting. So, really good writing but I didn’t like the game aspects. Plus it just doesn’t feel like Fallout to me. Guess that still puts me in the minority with all the people who love it and I continue to not.

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