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Bronycon 2017 wrapup

Got name-mentioned in a post-bronycon post and called ‘laid-back’. Which is cool. Also so much better than quiet because of crippling social anxiety. At least the shirts functioned as intended to get people to approach me, since it’s the starting a conversation bit I have trouble with. Of course now I have three BMRL image shirts and I really only want the one. Maybe just put two in storage for when the first wears out. Or sell them. Hmm… Probably nobody I can convince they are worth 50 bucks. Or, more reasonable, 20 bucks plus shipping.

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Heading home

By tonight I should be home at my own computer, with my own bed there nearby being ignored as I avoid sleep.

Just some bits and pieces from the con that I’m putting here because I’d like to get more information about them and don’t want to forget.

Regarding the current state of on ¬†fan fiction, specifically on FimFiction. Heard 1000 views is pretty good these days when many thousands were the numbers for big success back in the day. Also, what kind if bump (if any) do people get when a story gets shown somewhere? EqD, Seattle’s Angels, Presentperfect reviews, etc. The ever present question of where do people get their recommendations about what to read? Front page, reviewers, word of mouth? Does anyone have blackmail material on Knightly so we can get this last question in front of everyone on FimFiction?

Whoops! I thought I had scheduled this to go up Monday morning. Oh well, spoilers: I got home. Left for the 7 hour drive home at about 9am. Got home about 9pm. Not a fun trip. More tomorrow after sleep.


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Bronycon Sunday

So, didn’t get enough posts written ahead of time to cover the whole weekend. So writing this up Saturday afternoon at the con when I should probably be socializing.

But now, today’s puzzle. Getting old. I know most of the frustrations and what to expect as my body and mind break down faster than commercial-grade cybernetics are developed. So… I got to ask. Is it normal to run into people that look and act almost exactly like friends I had in had in high school? Because there has been two or three people here at the con that are kinda freaking me out. Maijin Seeykoh, for example, is almost identical to a friend from high school and later. It is very surreal.

Favorite quote of the weekend: The pre-readers are not some shadow cabal. (…) You should comply with their desires.

As for the one who said that, I was having fun at the expense of the English language, not you. Language is silly.

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