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Pony Stories 853

Beep boop.

  • Her Royal Morning Coffee by Georg
  • Watch! Watch! by horizon

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Stories: Date Night / High Priest on Union Station

Next two books in this series. Enjoyed them both. More of the same really. Some cool concepts sorta tucked in here and there. No tension because it’s all going to turn out right. It’s more or less scifi slice of life where nothing major happens and the only trouble is social hijinks. You could start with any of the first three books. There is gentle continuity but nothing major happens in the books and there is a several year jump between them. Heck, the main couple has a kid between books two and three. Or was it between three and four? See? I don’t even remember and I’ve started book four already.

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Story: Date Night on Union Station

Date Night on Union Station by E. M. Foner

A simple scifi story that my mom has enjoyed. The first of a series that is up to 13 entries at this point I believe. Might be more, but that was the count of titles on the inside front cover of the physical copy I read. My mom is up to number four or five and seems to still be enjoying them. I tried the first because she tossed the physical copy at me and I finally was in the right mood for trying something new to read through it. Easy read. I’d say it is worth a shot. If you get the ebook it is only $0.99 and it is certainly worth that. Hardcopy is around 8 bucks. Not sure it’s worth that. A read once book as my mom put it. If you had a friend who likes fluffy scifi to give it to after you read it, then it would be worth the price.

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Pony Stories 852

Beep boop.

  • Second Thoughts by President Dead
  • Wedding March by Carabas

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Pony Stories 851

Gasp! A new pony review? Blasphemy.

In other news, apparently pony show has started up again. Which means avoiding the rush of episode spoilers in the response fanfics on FimFiction. I normally watch the show through Amazon, but Season 8 hasn’t shown up yet. I’ve been thinking of rewatching some of the previous season or two. Perhaps continue my Show Canon examination where I try to note down all the stuff that actually happens in the show. Check the link for the spreadsheet where I did the first 5 and a half seasons.

Jury Duty II: Jury Harder by Estee

A cynical look at jury selection with some comedy in it. I chuckled a few times and came away with the feeling that the story wanted to burn civilization down and start over. So… Standard Estee story in a lot of ways. Little lighter on the humor than the actual straight-up comedies in my opinion.

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