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Pony Stories 900

I’m pretty sure the Tree of Harmony is just messing with the ponies. Twice now it’s pretty much just reached out to fix things just as everyone was wrapping up the personal growth part of a disaster. First with Starlight and the quote/unquote time travel spell. Now with the situation in the latest season finale. Right before things were completely lost… Tree of Harmony just fixes the magical disaster.

  • This is Not a Drill by Tumbleweed
  • Flash Sentry Papers (series) by Tumbleweed

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Pony Stories 899

Well, seems the few people who read my posted QnB contest entry and new second chapter have found it amusing. Got put on several favorites bookshelves so far. Now for the oldest story on my read it later bookshelf!

A Million Things to Do by AbsoluteAnonymous
Sweet. Nice classic Pinkie and Rainbow pair. Very much feels like earlier seasons of the show. A simplicity that a lot of authors don’t manage.

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Pony Stories 898

Just finished up the season finale two-parter. The series started off with Twilight And Friends using ancient prophecy to defeat a corrupted god. Here we are at the end of season eight when a bunch of middle school students need the help of the series deus ex machina to defeat an younger kid. (spoilers in case you haven’t seen it, highlight to reveal the secrets)

My Little Staring Contest: Alicorns can stare for a very long time by CosmicAfro

This was silly. Worth reading? Eh, not really. I mean I don’t regret it but reading it won’t give you anything more than just reading the description and imagining. In fact the story wasn’t as interesting as I had anticipated. Still, it amused me.

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Pony Stories 897

These posts look weird without some kind of intro bit. Oh! I should probably mention I finally put out the ponyfic I wrote for the QnB contest a while back. Had to add some extra stuff to meet the 1k wordcount minimum requirement for fimfiction. My usual wordvomit of unedited stuff. Fun, but technical quality probably not so good. The limitations for the story has been interesting. Internal monologue of a inanimate object. It is making the romance chapter hard to write without dialogue or action of any kind between the romance principles.

Laughing Her Way to the Bank by Bok
Hee. I would have loved for this to go on even longer, but I suppose a one-note joke like this could wear out it’s welcome pretty quickly.

This is a Stick-Up by Georg
Funny and sweet. Georg really is one of the best fluffy slice of life authors around. Not as much incidental worldbuilding as Admiral Biscuit does, but Georg manages to put more emotions into his stories. Just by degrees mind you. Plus I really do like the version of Ponyville that he has created.

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Pony Stories 896

I might actually hit Pony Stories 1k if I manage to continue actually posting! Not likely, but possible. Now for three short review-like pieces of content that I will write down literally right after reading the stories in question.

The First Flame by Rune Soldier Dan

A good entry into the category of Celestia-As-Goddess. An interesting setup, even if there is one little annoyance in how the first chapter ends. Plus I like it when the bad guy realizes just how wrong and outmatched they are, and this story doesn’t have that. Very much worth a read.

The G-Word by The Magic Hobo

Twilight asks Celestia if she is a god. Princess Celestia gives a warm rambling answer. I liked it. Fits with my mental picture of Princess Celestia’s personality very well. Even if my personal opinion is that Celestia is a god, at least in the flavor of non-creation-myth deity.

Am I a Political Pawn? by Bonster

Not a story, really. Just a wandering exploration of what could be undercurrents of the six non-pony members of Twilight’s school. Was pretty neat. Maybe a bit dry? This would actually work really well actually animated. Body language and a visual component would alleviate that dryness. Still, I enjoyed reading it. Though I doubt I will read it ever again or even remember it much down the line.

Oh, huh. I just realized I do believe this is the first story about the school I’ve read. The most recent season of pony happened while I wasn’t reading much after all. Weird.

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