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Pony Stories 891

Bronycon schedule is apparently out. Only three panels I might even be interested in. Mostly because Bronycon doesn’t list panelists and I’m more interested in hearing specific people than specific topics. Oh well. Still, get hype for con! Still waiting for the supplies for the third present I’m scheming to give to semi-random people.

  • Meanderings by Merc The Jerk
  • Changes On Film by Jongoji245
  • Sometimes by Rose Quill

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Pony Stories 890

Woo, birthday month. Tomorrow I’ll be… Ugh. Stupid time and being old. Let’s see, lemme do the math, it’s year 18 and I was born… Huh. Exactly 35 years old tomorrow morning. Still waiting for my adult handbook to show up to tell me how everything works so I can be all-knowing adult. I mean, surely the other adults have everything figured out, right? The current US political system only seems like a disaster because I haven’t read the adult handbook. Right?

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Quick writing post

I finally got finished with typing up my Sunset & Fluttershy fan fiction I wrote down end of last year and beginning of this year. It was very nice to go back through it and find a lot of good stuff. It wasn’t all dumpster fire crud after all!

57 scenes
93,759 words

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Pony Stories 858

Two unrelated pieces of news: One is that I’m playing NationStates and this was how one reload described my nation:

The Principality of Bureaucracy Machines Radiation Leisure is a huge, genial nation, renowned for its digital currency, ubiquitous missile silos, and free-roaming dinosaurs.

Two, apparently my blog’s spam filter has protected me from 9,999 spam comments as I write this.

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Pony Stories 857

Hey, actual ponyfic reactions/reviews. Short ones, but nice to actually have new thoughts to toss up even if they are short.

Mint Condition by Estee
Decent. Not the best story by this author. One or two decent jokes, but otherwise forgettable.

Ponyville Declares Independence from Equestria by Flutterpriest
Hee. Princess Celestia being adorably terrifying. Nice fluff piece.

Department Of Madness Vindication by Estee
This felt like a vent piece, honestly. A very exaggerated look at how bad bureaucracy can be. On the plus side, I do like how the author continues to paint Filthy Rich in a good light. I’ve always felt that most fan works about him paint him as a greedy villain type when the show depicted him as a fairly nice guy with a terribly spoiled daughter.


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